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Doctor Who is found on the SciFi Channel and BBC America. The US toy distributor is Underground Toys and availability is improving.

Thanks to Karl K. for this contribution "Doctor Who is still considered by many as only a cult phenomena. So we wont have any Toys R Us exclusives. The only difference in packaging is that Underground Toys places a sticker on the back listing them as distributors. Also on the fronts is an age sticker, I remove these when I get them.

The Ood US Cardback Underground Toys Label US Warning Label

The backer card of The Ood is the one I took a picture of. Compare it to yours in England. I think we get the Underground Toys decal added as the only difference.

The current HOT TOPIC is the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Underground Toys figures.

San Diego Comic Con Sales Sheet

Simply these are merely repaints of soon to be released figures. A run of only 3000 of each are being produced. No price at this point. Almost no one is pleased with this situation. Mostly, due to the fact that a person has to be able to attend the convention to get them. Of course, after waiting all this time to get the figures in the US, now we are being 'denied' access to two more. It seems more like a sense of frustration on everyones part. Plus the e-tailers that sell the figures to US fans are not being included and many customers are disappointed. The speculators will be the real winners in this situation.

The distribution rate for figures is very uneven. The werewolf is like the penny in the fountain. You may need one but not 300 or so. The new catchphrase amongst sellers and buyers in the US is "Death to the Werewolf!" One retailer is actually selling them so close to cost they are losing with the manpower to just pick one up and put it in the shipping box. I have three myself. One to open and one of each packaging variation.

Local PBS stations throughout the country are now broadcasting the program. The Eccleston season is being broadcast with the confidential cut downs airing afterwards.

I look forward to making regular contributions to this part of the site in the future, Karl K. aka Hoosier Whovian."

10 July Update "The 'USA EXCLUSIVE' figures have just been released. There are noticeable differences in these and the original releases. The insert card on the front has a red background as opposed to the blue of the originals. In the upper right hand corner the BBC Logo is absent from these figures. The card backs are also updated. Variations in paint jobs is most noticeable with Cassandra. Where the first issue was a very pale flesh tone, the USA release has very distinct veins on the front and back. The Moxx of Balhoon also has the base painted in the darker tone that was used for the purple skinned variant. The regeneration set shows no marked differences from the original release. Demand has so far been very strong." Thanks Karl


Series Three begins on June 30th on ABC. The toy distributor is Funtastic but availability is definitely an issue.

Thanks Doug A. for these thoughts "Dr Who Series 3 starts here on ABC (equiv. of the BBC) on Sat 30 June 7.30pm. We haven't seen Runaway Bride yet so that will be shown as a lead-up special Thurs 28 June 8.30pm.

DW has always had fans here, but the ABC (govt funded) does not attract the viewers that the 3 rival commercials do with mainly US programs. Every episode from 1963 onward has been broadcast several times over the decades, and all the DW DVD's get released here about 3 months after UK ('Survival' just came out here). Strangely, a commercial netw did buy the rights for Torchwood, which is being heavily 'trailered' and begins broadcast next Mon 18 June 9.30pm on Channel 10.

Sadly Australia missed out on most of the early waves of new toys; a handful turned up about Nov 2006, but they were the 'Werewolf wave' (waves 1 & 2 were just bypassed). These were only in specialist comic/hobby stores, never in major chains like Woolworths or Toys R Us. The only sure way to get a full range was to import from the UK or USA, or find a local specialist that directly imports.

Character Group's distributor in Australia ('Funtastic') got lots of flak from fans, and made promises to bring in more DW toys this year but they have yet to come thru in significant supply. Only just starting to appear in some TRU's are things like the cyberhelmet voice changer and the Clockwork man wave. Playsets & 12" figures have never appeared.

Because of this weak distribution & missed opportunities, I resorted to importing items that I wanted, and recently placed my first order through Forb Planet for the new 'Judoon' wave. Previously I have imported items from The Entertainer website, Stamp Centre, and EBay. It costs a fortune due to Aus/UK exchange rate & shipping, and is actually much cheaper for us to import from USA if and when they have stocks.

Personally I think the demand is here for the toys if they actually stocked the full range and promoted Dr Who. The toys here get no promotion in-store, or in catalogues whatsoever. Other Aus fans on the forums are equally frustrated at the lack of availability. Good luck with your site, its a really useful reference.

The Tenth Doctor Figures


Doctor Who is broadcast on CBC but the Action Figures are hard to find.

Thanks to CMJ for this "Doctor Who airs here on CBC. From what I've read, series three will be starting in June. The first series aired only a week later than the BBC, and last year with series two we had to wait until Fall 2006. I think they like to wait until hockey season is over, lol. I live in a city with a population of about 100,000. I'm not sure how popular Doctor Who is locally. I wore my Dalek t-shirt to town, and the only one to comment was an English guy who works at a coffee shop.

There's no place around here to actually buy Character Options toys retail. I suppose some comic book shops get them in as imports. I've ordered the Novice Hame, Martha, and Judoon 12" figures from Forbidden Planet. I live in Canada, and I'm surprised by the low cost of shipping from them, and the amazing speed of delivery. If I ordered from the US, I'd have to pay duty and possibly border brokerage fees, and they'd probably take longer to arrive."

10 July Update "I haven't heard anything about toys being found in Canada yet. We do have Series Three on the CBC on Monday nights now. Anyway, back to toys! I'm obsessed with finding out about the new release figures, so if I hear anything here, I'll let you know. " Thanks Joey

2008 Update Doctor Who Toys are now readily available in Canada. Pixelbarrel has had the stuff since last year when they first started coming out in North America. Thanks Chris

New Zealand

Adam thanks for this An as yet very limited number of figures are available from chain stores, including Werewolf, Cyberman (With Arm Weapon), Ood, Clockwork Man (both versions) and 5" Mini RC Dalek (both versions) So essentially the first part of the Series: 2 releases - and NO Doctor. Also available the 12" Remote Dalek Sec.

In addition to what you have had listed for New Zealand, we have also had the Sonic Screwdriver. The TARDIS Talking Moneybox (Martha version) was released in November 2007. Still no Doctor or assistants! Oh and we also received cartons stating 12" RC Gold Dalek but had Black Dalek Sec inside! Thanks Noel in Wellington NZ

This week (February 2008) we got our second wave of DW toys in our nationwide chain 'The Wharehouse'. In our local branch we got restocks of Ood, Clockwork Man and Sonic Screwdrivers. New were; Toby, Hoix, Doctor in Spacesuit (Satan Pit), Mickey Smith with Preacher gun and Grandma Connolly.

I have not heard if there are any other characters out in any other part of the country. Funny thing is we are yet to get a 'standard' Doctor for general sale! NZ on-line auction site Trade-Me has auctions for a good selection of Series 1 and 2 characters and the occasional Series 3 character.

March 2008: The Flight Control TARDIS and Satan pit sets are now available in the 'Warehouse' stores. Thanks Adam

Puerto Rico

Doctor Who is broadcast here on BBC America and the SciFi Channel. The Action Figures have a cult following and can be easily purchased online.

Thanks to Esteban S. in Puerto Rico for this "I see the 3rd Season with all respect i got it on the internet, but i got the 1st and 2nd Season on DVD.and also i watch it on Sci- Fi Channel and on BBC America first . I think yes we got a group of followers. i got a bunch of friends watching the show . and they think its wonderful and great special effects. the figures i buy them by internet. and i got em fast."

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