It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of, a vibrant and cherished online community that brought together fans of the iconic television series and collectors of Doctor Who toys. The forum, which served as a haven for enthusiasts from all corners of the globe, provided a space for sharing knowledge, discussing favourite episodes, and delighting in the wonders of Doctor Who merchandise.

Established in 2009, the Doctor Who Toys Forum quickly became a vital hub for fans of the long-running British science fiction series. Under the guidance of its dedicated moderators and contributors, the forum grew into a thriving community where Whovians could engage in spirited discussions, exchange tips on collecting, showcase their treasured memorabilia, and revel in the shared excitement surrounding the beloved Time Lord.

The Doctor Who Toys Forum was not only a platform for discussion but also a treasure trove of information and expertise. The collective knowledge of its members was staggering, with enthusiasts sharing customs, fanfics and insights on the finest Doctor Who merchandise, rare collectibles, and the craftsmanship behind the iconic toys. Countless individuals, whether seasoned collectors or newcomers to the Doctor Who universe, found guidance and inspiration within the forum’s digital corridors.

As with any community, it is the people who make it truly special, and the Doctor Who Toys Forum was no exception. Though it has reached its final chapter, we must not dwell on its closure but instead reflect on the joy and camaraderie it brought to countless lives. Let us remember the laughter, the shared enthusiasm, and the moments of pure excitement as new episodes aired and new toys were unveiled. The forum may be gone, but its spirit lives on.

To the moderators, contributors, and members of the Doctor Who Toys Forum, we express our deepest gratitude for the enduring passion, knowledge, and community spirit that you brought to the world of Doctor Who. Your dedication and love for the series have left a virtual mark on the fandom, and your contributions will not be forgotten.

In honor of the Doctor Who Toys Forum, let us carry forward the torch of enthusiasm and connection that it ignited within us. May we continue to celebrate the adventures of the Doctor, embrace the joy of collecting, and foster a sense of community that embodies the spirit of the Time Lord himself.

Yet even as one chapter ends, a new one awaits. The Doctor’s journey continues, and the timeless stories and the wonder of the universe they inhabit will forever inspire us.

“Allons-y! Geronimo!.”

A virtual AI generated funeral service for the forum will be posted tomorrow (please, no flowers).






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