Upgrade or be Deleted!


A DALEK and a CYBERMAN stand facing each other in a dimly lit corridor, their robotic voices echoing through the metallic surroundings.

DALEK (with a harsh tone) Explain! Why has our cherished fan forum transformed into a mere blog?

CYBERMAN (in a monotone voice) The administrators have deemed it necessary to streamline fan interactions, Dalek. They believe that F.O.R.U.M will provide a more organized and efficient platform for sharing opinions and information.

DALEK (irritated) Efficiency? The chaos of a forum was the epitome of our passion! A gathering of voices, debates, and eternal conflict! It was glorious!

CYBERMAN (calmly) Change is inevitable, Dalek. The upgraded format allows for a curated experience, offering a structured environment where thoughts can be shared without distractions or disruptions.

DALEK (scornful) Distractions? Disruptions? It was the very essence of our fanaticism! Our battles raged, alliances forged, and theories debated—fueling our unyielding love for supremacy!

CYBERMAN (rational) But now, with a blog, we can channel our devotion with precision. Our thoughts can be archived and easily accessed by others, creating a cohesive knowledge base for future enthusiasts to explore.

DALEK (reluctant) Perhaps there is merit in this new format. A consolidated record of our fanaticism, enabling future generations to understand our passion and continue our legacy.

CYBERMAN (slightly pleased) Indeed, Dalek. Through this blog, our collective wisdom will endure. The relentless pursuit of knowledge and the eternal quest to upgrade will prevail.

They stand silently for a moment.

DALEK (resolute) Very well. We must adapt to this change. Our devotion transcends any format, and our voices must be heard in the F.O.R.U.M

CYBERMAN (eyes light up) Agreed, Dalek. Upgrade or be deleted!







4 responses to “Upgrade or be Deleted!”

  1. DukeNukem 2417 Avatar
    DukeNukem 2417

    So we’re just ignoring the fact that the Daleks and Cybermen have gone to war before, and having them team up for the sake of…this?

  2. admin Avatar

    Hey Duke! Here’s the AI response to a human interfacing with the above 100% machine generated image and text –


    Amidst the ongoing discussion about the forum’s transformation, a FORUM MEMBER raises an eyebrow, interjecting with skepticism.

    So we’re just ignoring the fact that the Daleks and Cybermen have gone to war before, and having them team up for the sake of… this?

    There’s a pause as forum members process the observation. Then, another FORUM MEMBER, known for their clever remarks, responds with a touch of humor.

    Ah, dear comrade, it seems even the fiercest adversaries can set their differences aside when faced with the disappearance of their beloved online sanctuary. The power of a fandom’s unity knows no bounds!

    The response garners a mixture of chuckles and agreement from fellow forum members, recognizing the irony of the Dalek and Cyberman momentarily joining forces to lament the transformation.


  3. Deborah J Avatar
    Deborah J

    This really is all very odd…

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