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Smiler 'The Beast Below'


Smiler as seen in 'The Beast Below' (2010)


Smiler Thanks Cyberlek

Smiler Smiler


Peter the Winder, Hawthorne & Smiler Thanks Cyberlek

Smiler Variant

Smiler Variant (Two Faces)

Smiler Variant Variant head with two faces; the 'smiling' red-eyed face is the same, the reverse is a new 'evil' blue-eyed face. First Release Wave 1G December 2010. Thanks Cyberlek

Smiler Variant (Two Faces) Smiler Variant (Two Faces)

Smiler Variant Thanks Cyberlek


Smiler, Peter the Winder & Smiler Variant Thanks Cyberlek

Peter the Winder Hawthorne

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