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Tesco Doctor Who Sets - Xmas 2009

Tesco Doctor Who Set

Series 1 Figure Set
Featuring Sycorax Warrior with sword accessory, Ninth Doctor with Auton Parts & Jabe. Includes one Robot Spider

Tesco Doctor Who Set

Series 2 Figure Set
Featuring Cyberleader, Tenth Doctor with Ghost Triangulation Gear & Hoix

Tesco Doctor Who Set

Series 3 Figure Set
Featuring Captain Jack Harkness (new version without jacket), Hal Korwin (new figure) & Timelord. A 2009 Tesco UK exclusive release

Tesco Doctor Who Set

'Age of Steel' Cyberman Figure Set
Featuring Cyberman figures from The Tenth Planet, Tomb of the Cybermen & The Invasion (with gun accessory)

Thanks Cyberlek

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