Where is the Old Forum?

Due to the EU GDPR compliance issue and the Online Safety Bill the old forum is now closed.






10 responses to “Where is the Old Forum?”

  1. Cybermat25

    And it looks like the new forum is closed as well – all the topics are gone. Maybe it’s because it wasn’t as popular as the old one.

  2. David Thomas

    And now I can’t even log in.

  3. Cybermat25

    Or access my account – my username isn’t at the top anymore (the above comment is mine – I just forgot to put my user name).

  4. Confusion

    Not quite sure why it is closed and can’t be relaunched????

  5. HELLO???


  6. The Unbound Doctor

    The old forum probably isn’t coming back, ever. Before it was snipped to this postage stamp of a not-even paragraph, the original “Where is the Old Forum?” post mentioned that the old forum was shuttered for various reasons, the Online Safety Bill being one of them.

    As for this site? I’ve no clue. It’s barely a blog, not nearly as interactive as the old forum…the old quantum Magic 8 Ball is coming up “outlook not good” with every shake.

  7. i am confusion

    I still don’t really get it.

    what is it about the EU rules or online safety bill that means the forum can’t happily operate as it did?

    many other forums do.

  8. Doctor Proton

    Given that he’s selling the website out of what I can only suspect is sheer apathy towards the former user base of the old forum, I suspect that F.O.R.U.M. isn’t long for this world. In fact, I would be quite surprised if this thing goes past its one year anniversary, or even makes it to said anniversary at all. This place has absolutely zero heart to it, no effort at all to cater to anyone who loved and contributed to the old forum. It feels less like a community and more like a hermetically sealed environment for an experiment. A poor substitute for a forum that had a seventeen-year history.

  9. Anonymous

    Anniversary of the forum’s closure yesterday, and not a thing done here to mark the event. No tribute, no new post, nothing. Our glorious admin treating it like it was nothing serious, like deleting a file or turning off a computer. Utterly disgraceful. Way to disrespect the history of a forum that lasted for seventeen years…then again, he’s putting the whole website up for a fire sale, probably to finance his dream of churning out more A.I. slop to clog our bandwidth and bury actual art made by actual people. This whole thing is so impersonal, it just reeks of apathy and disinterest.

  10. Anonymous

    Nothing to commemorate the anniversary of the blog’s start? Really? It was a week ago today, and our glorious admin didn’t even bother to grace us with a new post.

    The apathy here is off the scale.

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