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Clara Oswald (Red Dress) 3.75" Action Figure

Clara Oswald Series 7

Clara Oswald Rare Red Dress variant 3.75" Series 7 Clara Oswald Action Figure.

Limited to 100 pieces per release wave. June 2013

Red Dress Clara Variant

The red dress Clara has 4 bracelets painted on the right wrist, but no ring on the right hand. On some versions the hair is painted with a gloss finish rather than the matt finish on the standard 'blue dress' figure.

Red Dress Clara Variant

The cardback of the red dress Clara is different; it shows the Time Zone Playsets Hide and Angels Take Manhattan.

Thanks Richard

In Spring 2014 Wave 2 Clara featured a revised paint app (dress and bag) and the new body and hair sculpt Wave 2 Clara

Clara Standard Release (Blue Dress) Series 7

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