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Denys Fisher Doctor Who Toys

Denys Fisher Doctor Who Toys

Toy company Denys Fisher in collaboration with US toymaker Mego made a range of Doctor Who toys in the 1970's. Denys Fisher figures or dolls stood around 9.5" tall and were held together with something resembling plastic bands.

Leeds-born Denys Fisher had started out as an engineer manufacturing military components before inventing the Spirograph drawing toy and selling out to Mego in 1970.

  • Leela
    Sevateem Tribe Warrior and 4th Doctor's companion played by Louise Jameson. The Denys Fisher Leela came with loin cloth outfit, pouch and knife accessory. Leela has 5 points of articulation
  • Leela with Knife Accessory Leela
    Denys Fisher Leela
    Denys Fisher Leela Denys Fisher Leela Denys Fisher Leela

  • Doctor Who
    The Denys Fisher Fourth Doctor Tom Baker with sonic screwdriver, hat and scarf. The 4th Doctor figure's head sculpt was in fact based on that of a character called Gambit from the New Avengers. This figure has 6 points of articulation. The Doctor was also released in an Italian version which is easier to find. The US version has a different head sculpt
  • Denys Fisher Fourth Doctor Who Denys Fisher Mego Fourth Doctor
    Denys Fisher 4th Doctor

  • K9
    Denys Fisher K9 featuring friction drive.
    Pics by Commander MaK
  • Denys Fisher K9 Denys Fisher Mego K9
    Denys Fisher K9

  • Giant Robot
    Denys Fisher Giant Robot K1. This figure has removeable shoulders and 5 points of articulation. Only the later Character Options K1 Robot comes with a weapon accessory (the black gun shown here with the pack shot is from a Kenner Boba Fett Star Wars figure - Thanks Commander Mak).
  • Denys Fisher K1 Giant Robot Denys Fisher Mego Giant Robot Denys Fisher K1 Robot

  • Cyberman
    The Cyberman was based on a combination of the Invasion type (1968) and Revenge of the Cybermen (1975). The Denys Fisher Cyberman also had a nose; the only time Cyberman actually has a nose was in the 1966 story the Tenth Planet. Thanks Commander Mak
  • Denys Fisher Cyberman Denys Fisher Cyberman Pack and Figure Denys Fisher Cyberman Rear of Figure

  • Dalek
    The Dalek for its time was the most accurate that had ever been produced. Like K9 the Denys Fisher Dalek features friction drive motion. The Dalek stands 6" high. In the original box this dalek is very hard to find; a good example would fetch several hundred pounds. The red paint on the dome has tended to fade so beware of repainted examples.
  • Denys Fisher Dalek Denys Fisher Dalek
    Tardis with revolving mechanism. This consisted of a rotating device inside; you put the Doctor figure inside (a piece of velcro held him in place), shut the doors, spin the lamp on top and press the green button on top. When you open the doors the Doctor would be gone. To get him back, spin again and press the red button. The pegs allowing the Tardis doors to swing open are prone to breaking off.
  • Denys Fisher Tardis Denys Fisher Tardis

  • War of the Daleks
    War of the Daleks is a board game played with dice released by Denys Fisher in the mid 70's. It features eight now very collectable Daleks (four red & silver and four blue & gold). The Daleks stand around 5cm high and have revolving domes
  • Denys Fisher War of the Daleks - Thanks Rob Denys Fisher War of the Daleks - Thanks Rob

  • Strawberry Fayre
    Released by Denys Fisher in 1975. This board game has 56 cards, 4 coloured counters and a mini Tardis die shaker. The object is to travel through space whilst avoiding monsters en route. A later revised version has a picture of Tom Baker on the box.
  • Strawberry Fayre by Denys Fisher - Thanks Ian O Strawberry Fayre by Denys Fisher - Thanks Ian O
    Denys Fisher Doctor Who Figures

    Denys Fisher Doctor Who Figures

    Thanks Ian O'

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