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Doctor Who Adventures
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Doctor Who Adventures Toys

Doctor Who Adventures Toys

A Review & Photo © Hoosier Whovian

At the moment of the 100th issue of Doctor Who Adventures magazine, its time to celebrate a publication unlike any other in the world of Doctor Who.

Designed for younger fans of Doctor Who, the magazine offers a mix of comic strip adventures, contests and Blue Peter-like building ideas. Along with each issue coming with a fun 'Goody'! In recent issues, the classic era of Doctor Who has been featured, giving the fans of the new Who a chance to learn about the past.

From stationary sets, sketchpads,draughts,four-in-a-row games, inflatable Oods and Toclafane Spheres as well as Host Halo spinners DWA readers have lots of goodies to keep them entertained! Companies with a new product have also been featured, the Panini Stickers and Magic Box Int. Rollers have been goodies mounted on the covers of previous issues.

Among the top toys are the dress-up kits and the squirty screwdrivers! Recently, the pull-back and go Tardis and Dalek have become much sought after!

Doctor Who Adventures is sold in the UK, and not available to young fans in other countries, unless purchased from Ebay sellers or imported at a very hefty cost. Here in the United States an issue that would cost about $4.00 with currency conversion is a whopping $10.00!

I have been lucky enough to get some of the goodies that come with the issues. As you can see from my photos here on the site I collect the action figures, but I also like to collect the TARDIS. With luck, I hope to find the inflatable and money box TARDIS that have come out recently.

Here's a hearty "Congratulations!" to the DWA team on a successful 100 issues, and well wishes for hundreds more!

Doctor Who Adventures Issue #98 (15 January 2009) with 'Cyberman Squad' and #99 (22 January 2009) with 'Dalek Patrol' - Thanks Leigh

Thanks Hoosier Whovian

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