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Doctor Who Frubes

Limited Edition Doctor Who Frubes

Doctor Who Returns on Limited Edition Frubes

Yoplait is bringing back the highly-successful Doctor Who character license on its limited edition Frubes, providing increased choice to consumers and added variety to the range. The decision to re-run the Doctor Who license was made following exceptional performance of the first promotion, which delivered 32%1 incremental growth to the category.

Limited edition Frubes Doctor Who will replace the Frubes Simpsons Movie DVD pack, and is timed to coincide with the new Doctor Who TV series.

The Limited edition Frubes Doctor Who pack comes in a new design, incorporating a range of exciting features including games, door hangers and 24 different Doctor Who characters on the Frubes tubes. To extend the promotion appeal, from June 2008, each pack will also contain one of six collectable book marks, each featuring a Doctor Who character, aimed at increasing frequency of purchase, particularly during the summer.

Angelica Costantini, group brand manager, at Yoplait, said: "The limited edition Frubes strategy has been incredibly successful. The limited edition range is now worth £8.3m and accounts for 28% of total Frubes sales. The Frubes Doctor Who limited edition pack has been one of the most successful licenses to date, seeing average weekly sales double versus previous limited editions. With the huge popularity of the previous Frubes Doctor Who promotion and the new series coming soon, we are confident that Frubes Doctor Who will be equally popular with consumers and continue to add incremental growth to the category."

From 9 June, the limited edition Frubes Doctor Who promotion will be supported with a new, themed 10'' TV ad, which forms part of a £500k TV advertising campaign for the whole Frubes brand in Q2 for 2008. The new Frubes Doctor Who execution will run for 10 weeks alongside existing 10'' ads featuring kids' favourite Frubes characters. It aims to reinforce Frubes' position as the coolest dairy snack to have in the lunchbox. In parallel, a 20" Brand Power execution, will run for five weeks and will target mums, communicating that Frubes is an ideal snack for their kid's lunchboxes.

Limited edition Frubes Doctor Who are available in 9 x 40g tubes, in a 'sonic' strawberry flavour. Standard Frubes are available in 9 x 40g tubes and come in Strawberry, Peach and Forest Fruits Flavour.

Yoplait's brands perform extremely strongly in the Children's sector with over 52.1% value share. Frubes is a particularly strong brand in the sector with 11.8% value share.

Thanks Neil

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