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Genesis of the Daleks

Genesis of the Daleks

Genesis of the Daleks Collectors Set

Featuring Fourth Doctor Tom Baker in brown long coat, Davros (Michael Wisher) & Genesis Daleks as seen in the six part Genesis of the Daleks (1975)

Exclusive to Underground Toys in the US and Forbidden Planet in the UK. First release April 2011

Genesis of the Daleks

Genesis of the Daleks Collectors Set Thanks Cameron

Genesis of the Daleks

The Genesis Set includes 'Baby Mutant Dalek Accessory' Thanks Cameron

Dalek Mutant

Kaled Mutant Thanks Cameron

Genesis Daleks

Genesis Set Daleks Vs Genesis Dalek from Dalek Collector's Set #1. The bottom 'bumper' of the Genesis Set Daleks is halved on both versions (prototype with bronze gun and production line silver gun) Thanks Cameron

Genesis & Resurrection of the Daleks Davros

Genesis Set Davros Vs Resurrection Set Davros Thanks Cameron

Genesis Set Davros Control Panel

Genesis Set Davros has a different control panel and head sculpt Thanks Cyberlek

The Fourth Doctors

The Fourth Doctors. The Genesis of the Daleks Fourth Doctor (far right) is the same as in the Sontaran Experiment Set, but with the head from the first release with no hat Thanks Cyberlek

Thanks Cameron, Tom, Scott & Cyberlek

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