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Grossman Doctor Who

H. Grossman Ltd Doctor Who Toys

Toy Fair 2013 Update

Doctor Who Snapper Watch by Grossman

New release for 2013, the Doctor Who Snapper Watch featuring a TARDIS watch face and snapper wrist band with Time Lord motif.

Blow Up Daleks by Grossman

Grossman Stand, Toy Fair 2013, London Olympia. In 2013 Grossman released their 3ft inflatable Dalek designed to retail at under £20

Toy Fair 2012 Update

Inflatable Daleks by Grossman

Entrance to the Grossman Stand at Toy Fair 2012 with blow up daleks, inflatable tardis and tardis tent.

Inflatable Daleks by Grossman

H. Grossman's Doctor Who toys as displayed at Toy Fair 2012, London Olympia.

Inflatable Daleks by Grossman Doctor Who Water Wrigglers by Grossman Doctor Who Gift Set by Grossman
Doctor Who Fizzers by Grossman Doctor Who Water Ball by Grossman Doctor Who Air Ball by Grossman

Grossman's Doctor Who Merchandise circa 2012: Inflatable Dalek, Doctor Who Water Wrigglers, Doctor Who Gift Set, Doctor Who Fizzers, Doctor Who Water Balls & Doctor Who Air Balls.

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Toy Fair 2011

H. Grossman are to release a major new range of Doctor Who toys. Prototypes of the range were first unveiled at the London Toy Fair January 2011.

Inflatable Daleks by Grossman

H. Grossman was founded in 1946 by Harry and Ray Grossman as a supplier of shoelaces and stockings across Scotland. Grossman Ltd is today an international distributor of toys specializing in 'crazes', such as their Ozbozz scooter, and with licenses such as Ben 10, Star Wars - Clone Wars and Transformers.

In September 2010 Glasgow-based H. Grossman Ltd acquired a license from BBC Worldwide to develop a range of Doctor Who branded small toys as well as outdoor toys and inflatables.

Grossman Doctor Who toys will launch at retail in Spring 2011. The range will feature pocket money toys including water wrigglers, high bounce balls, fizz pods and yo-yos. The bath time fizz pods contain a mini Tardis toy. The high bounce balls contain a Doctor Who character and glitter.

Grossman Doctor Who Dart Board

Grossman are also releasing the first ever Doctor Who Dart Board with electronic light and sound effects.

Grossman Tardis Tent

The Grossman outdoor range will include Doctor Who sleeping bags, Doctor Who chairs and a 'unique TARDIS with a twist'.

Grossman Tardis Tent Grossman Tardis Tent

The Grossman Tardis Tent consists of a frame with a Tardis tent covering printed on the inside with the Eleventh Doctor's Tardis interior and console, reminiscent of the old Dekker Toys Tardis Playhouse from the 1980's

Grossman will also release large Doctor Who inflatable Daleks and Cybermen, expected to retail at around £45 each from October 2011.

Grossman Inflatable Dalek Grossman Inflatable Dalek

Grossman Tardis Inflatable October 2011

Grossman Inflatable Tardis

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