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Pandorica Collect and Build Wave

Pandorica Collect & Build Wave

Pandorica Wave

Pandorica 5-inch action figure and Audio MP3 CD Collection

Each 5-inch action figure includes an MP3 CD with audio book instalment and one piece of the Pandorica. Collect and build the Pandorica CD cube case. There are three complete classic stories across 6 CDs. Note: in August 2011 the Pandorica wave was rereleased with the audio CDs swapped for vinyl discs

The Eleventh Doctor includes CD 01 – Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion part 1

Roman Auton includes CD 02 – Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion part 2

Angel Bob (with jacket) includes CD 03 – Doctor Who and the Giant Robot part 1

Cyberman Pandorica Guard includes CD 04 – Doctor Who and the Giant Robot part 2

Amy Pond includes CD 05 – Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters part 1

Silurian Warrior includes CD 06 – Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters part 2

Pandorica Wave

Doctor with Fez and Amy Pond; Roman Auton, Roman Auton (Pandorica Wave - lighter cloak with mud splashes) and Underhenge Roman Auton; Underhenge Dalek; Underhenge Cyberman, Argos Tardis Playset exclusive Cyberman and Cyberman Pandorica Guard. Thanks Cyberlek

Pandorica Wave

The Pandorica Wave. Amy and the Silurian Warrior are the same as prior releases, but the Silurian comes with the disc Silurians use to travel to the surface. The Doctor has a new head sculpt with molded fez and a new 'rough' texture on the jacket. The Weeping Angel is similar to earlier releases, but one hand has been changed to hold the Doctor's jacket and this Angel comes with a communications device accessory. The Cyberman Pandorica Guard is similar to the Argos Tardis Playset Exclusive Cyberman figure but the sword and the head, with cables protruding from the neck, are removeable. Roman Auton is the same as the earlier 2010 version, but the tunic and the cape have been repainted a lighter brown, with mud on the cape and feet. Thanks Cyberlek

Pandorica Wave with Amy Pond Policewoman January 2011

Policewoman Amy Pond Pandorica Wave

In January 2011 Amy Pond in Police Uniform was released single carded with CD 05 'Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters part 1'

Eleventh Doctor in Fez (Pandorica Wave December 2010) Cyberman Pandorica Guard (Pandorica Wave December 2010) Angel Bob (Pandorica Wave December 2010)

Eleventh Doctor Fez & Mop Cyberman Pandorica Guard Angel Bob
Amy Pond Silurian Warrior Roman Auton

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