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Tonner Doctor Who & Torchwood Character Figures

Tonner Doctor Who Tonner Doctor Who

10th Doctor Character Figure by Tonner Doll Company
The 17" David Tennant likeness includes Sonic Screwdriver; the fully-lined long coat in faux suede sold as an accessory ($49.99). In the US this figure retails at $179.99

Tonner Martha Jones Doctor Who Tonner Martha Jones Doctor Who

Martha Jones Character Figure by Tonner Doll Company
Freema Agyeman 16" doll wears knit top under faux leather jacket and denims and includes includes earring, necklace, bracelet, hair trim, hosiery, shoes and display stand. Retails at $174.99

Tonner Torchwood Jack Harkness Tonner Torchwood Gwen Cooper

Torchwood Jack Harkness & Gwen Cooper Character Figures by Tonner Doll Company
John Barrowman's Jack Harkness figure includes long coat and display stand. Gwen Cooper, sculpted in the likeness of Eve Myles, wears jacket and denims and includes stand

Tonner Doll Company

Robert Tonner is a graduate of Parsons School of Design and began his career as a fashion designer with Bill Blass.

In 1991 Tonner, himself an avid doll collector, turned his hand to sculpting dolls and founded the now world-renowned Tonner Doll Company which specializes in the creation of high-end award-winning dolls.

In 2009 BBC Worldwide granted Tonner a license to make Doctor Who and Torchwood character figures which were shown for the first time at the New York Toy Fair, Javits Center in February 2010. Available at retail from Summer 2010 are the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones and from Torchwood Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper.

Tonner Doctor Who Character Figures are hand sculpted in either wax or clay and reviewed by Robert Tonner before being cast into molds and manufactured in hard plastic and viny. Tonner dolls feature hand-painted details, rooted hair from saran polymer film, and detailed screen-accurate fabric costuming.

As high-end licensed collectibles Tonner dolls can be authenticated by the company markings, generally on the head of each doll, and by the official Tonner packaging itself.

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