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The London Toy Fair

Toy Fair 2010 Toy Fair 2010

Every January in London at the Toy Fair all the toy companies set up trade stands to showcase their products and launch new ranges.

Toy Fair 2010

Naturally, top Doctor Who toy licensees Character Options always have an impressive stand there; Olympia 2010 shown in the pictures was no exception.

Toy Fair 2010

Each year all of Character's exciting new Dr Who toys, brand new waves of articulated 5 inch Doctor Who Action Figures, wonderful new Doctor Who playsets and fantastic new Doctor Who role-play accessories are on display behind the closely-guarded door of a Tardis-like 'Secret Cupboard'.

Though fans would love to have the mysteries of the cupboard revealed, its incredible secrets are kept by the buyers from the big chain-store multiples.

As ever, more will most definitely be revealed when the toys are released after the Doctor Who shows have aired.

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