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Zappies Doctor Who

Zappies Ltd Ride In Dalek Doctor Who Toys

Zappies Ride In Daleks

Zappies Ltd will launch 'the world's first ride in Dalek' at the London Toy Fair, January 2011. The Ride In Dalek is licensed by BBC Worldwide.

Zappies, based in Shoreham-on-Sea near Brighton, is a distributor of 'innovative toys and games'. Zappies are the exclusive UK distributor of the Ride In Dalek.

Ride In Zappies Daleks are actually made by UK toy manufacturer Malcolm H Evans under the brand name Kids@Play. Malcolm H Evans specialise in ride-ons for younger children.

The Ride In Daleks are available in the five colours of the Dalek Paradigm Dalek Drone (red), Dalek: The Eternal (yellow), Dalek: The Supreme (white), Dalek Strategist (blue) and Dalek Scientist (orange).

These daleks have an inflatable body and high density plastic base; a bumper surround allows for indoor and outdoor use. The Zappies Ride In Daleks stand 128cm high when fully inflated. The Zappies Daleks feature lights inside the sitting unit and ten different sound effects and dalek phrases.

The Zappies Ride In Daleks are powered by a 6 volt rechargeable battery (charging unit supplied). The Zappies Daleks have 360 degree ride-on movement.

Zappies ride-on Daleks come in three sections; removable head section, base, and body section with movable manipulator and exterminator arms.

Zappies Ride In Daleks Dalek Drone Ride In

To the great disappointment of many, the ride in daleks are only recommended for children aged between 3-6 years.

The Dalek Drone and Dalek Strategist Ride In Daleks should be the first models available at retail in June 2011 for SRP £199.99.

Thanks Matt

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