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Time Squad
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Time Squad Photographed & Reviewed by Hoosier Whovian

Character Options continues its excellent line of action figures with the new Time Squad collection. There are 15 figures to collect in all. Three Five Packs and six Two Packs. A fair representation of monsters from all four seasons of the revival of Doctor Who can be found.

The Time Squad figures are in the same scale as the Galactic Heroes Star Wars line put out by 'another' toy company. A perfect opportunity for the younger fans to cross the genres and see 'Who' is better.

The Doctor and Darth Vader

Four of the figures can only be purchased in the five packs. Davros, Dalek Sec, Ood, and Sycorax are not included in the two pack assortment.

Time Squad 5 Pack Exclusives - Ood, Davros, Dalek Sec & Sycorax

The Time Squad range is a great opportunity for all collectors to double up. But younger fans who didn't go for either the standard 5" Action Figure range or even the now discontinued Micro Universe range, will definitely love these.

Time Squad The Doctor and Micro Universe Tenth Doctor

Time Squad figures have different features, accessories and varying articulation. The Weeping Angel for instance has a reversible face! You can lift up her hair and turn her head to make her the scary Screaming Angel!

Time Squad Weeping Angel Time Squad Weeping Angel Time Squad Weeping Angel Time Squad Weeping Angel Time Squad Weeping Angel

After photographing and play testing the figures, I think they will be a BIG success for Character Options! I hope the rumoured TARDIS vehicle is produced as well as a line of Time Squadies for the classic Doctor Who Range! I think it would be great for the 4th Doctor to fight alongside the 10th Doctor against Daleks and Zygons, or even both era's versions of the Cybermen.

Now, if I can only convince my sister to allow my nephew to watch Doctor Who...

Thanks Hoosier Whovian & Zac - "I would like to express a big 'Thank You' to my nephew Zachary S for allowing me to borrow Darth Vader for the photo shoot!" Text & Pics copyright © Hoosier Whovian

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