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Zeon Doctor Who Toys

Zeon Smartphone Dalek

Zeon Flying Tardis May 2014.

Zeon's Flying Tardis toy stands around 3" tall and features dual rotors that allow you to literally fly your own tardis for up to 7 minutes at a time. The RC Flying Tardis, the world's first flying tardis toy, comes with a battery-operated handset. The Tardis is charged from the handset via a USB port.

Zeon Smartphone Dalek

Zeon Smartphone Dalek at Toy Fair 2014.

The Smartphone Dalek features a turning head, motorized base with bump sensor, and working lights on the head, eye and gun. Bluetooth compatible with iOS and Android smart devices.

Zeon Smartphone K-9

Zeon Smartphone K-9 at Toy Fair 2014.

The Smartphone K9 features light up eyes, moving ears, motorized base and an illuminated keypad. Operates via Bluetooth with an iOS or Android Smartphone or tablet.

Zeon Doctor Who Toys

Zeon Doctor Who Toys at Toy Fair 2012.

Zeon Tardis Smart Safe

New Award Winning Zeon Tardis Smart Safe at Toy Fair 2012.

Zeon Tardis Smart Safe

Download the free App for iPhone, iPod Touch or Android handsets. Gain access to your SmartSafe using the four digit code you set up. Easily change your code at any time. Features Lights and Tardis Sound Effects.

The Zeon Tardis SmartSafe was awarded Best New Toy in the App Toys Category in the British Toy & Hobby Association's annual awards at London's Toy Fair 2012.

Zeon Doctor Who Toys

Currently available Wesco Ltd (owned by Zeon Ltd since January 2010) Doctor Who Toys on display at Toy Fair 2012 Wesco Doctor Who

Wesco/Zeon Dalek Projection Alarm Clock, Tardis Mug, Sonic Screwdriver Torch & Doctor Who Projection Torch.

Zeon/Wesco Doctor Who Projection Torch Sonic Screwdriver Torch by Zeon/Wesco Tardis Mug by Zeon/Wesco

Zeon/Wesco Doctor Who Projection Torch, Sonic Screwdriver Torch and Tardis Mug & Tardis Teapot.

Tardis Teapot

Tardis Teapot - Thanks Automattic Comics

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About Zeon Ltd

Zeon are part of the Herald Group, a Hong Kong based manufacturer. Zeon are best known as one of the leading watch makers in the UK, though they also specialize in gifts and consumer electronics.

In January 2010 Zeon Ltd acquired Wesco Ltd a licensed maker of Doctor Who watches and clocks.

Zeon are rebranding and extending Wesco's range of Doctor Who products. The first of these new products were shown at the London Toy Fair in January 2012.

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