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Bif Bang Pow

Bif Bang Pow 8" Doctor Who Action Figures

January 2014: On January 1st 2014 Bif Bang Pow made the following announcement "Our license with BBC America to produce Doctor Who merchandise has expired...No additional announced or unannounced items will be produced".

Bif Bang Pow First Doctor & Eleventh Doctor

July 2013: Bif Bang Pow 8" Retro Figures First Doctor & Eleventh Doctor in SDCC Convention Exclusive 50th Anniversary Tin Totes.

Bif Bang Pow Magnus Li H’sen Chang and Mr Sin

February 2013: Bif Bang Pow prototype Li H’sen Chang and Mr Sin as seen in 'The Talons of Weng-Chiang' (1977).

Bif Bang Pow Kraal and First Doctor Figures Bif Bang Pow Kraal and Magnus Greel Figures Bif Bang Pow Eldrad and Anti-Man Figures

Revealed at New York Toy Fair 8" prototype figures of The First Doctor William Hartnell, Kraal as seen in 'The Android Invasion' (1975), Anti-Man from 'Planet of Evil' (1975), Eldrad from 'The Hand of Fear' (1976) and Magnus Greel from 'The Talons of Weng-Chiang' (1977). Pics courtesy of awesometoyblog.com

Also at NY Toy Fair, the silver-coloured 50th Anniversary Tardis Bobble Head, Davros Bobble Head and Genesis Dalek Bobble Head.

Bif Bang Pow Genesis of the Daleks Dalek

June 2012: Bif Bang Pow release a retro Doctor Who Dalek from Genesis of the Daleks, available December 2012. Stands approx 7" high, features wheels on base and neck articulation.

Bif Bang Pow Tardis Playset

February 2012: Bif Bang Pow release a classic Doctor Who Tardis Playset with K-9 Action Figure, available October 2012 (First Pre-Order Listed at Entertainment Earth).

The Bif Bang Pow Tardis Playset measures approximately 11-inches tall x 5 1/2-inches wide x 5 1/2-inches long when closed, includes an opening door and a bonus figurine of K-9, transparent time rotor that can be raised and lowered and a detailed Master Control Console that features various authentic controls and readout displays.

In a retro 1970s style, the TARDIS Playset is made of thick dollhouse-like cardboard, and scaled for a Bif Bang Pow! 8-inch Doctor Who figure (not included). Magnetic strips ensure that the playset walls snap closed.

Bif Bang Pow Tardis Bobble Head

The Bif Bang Pow 11th Doctor Tardis Bobble Head is available from July 2012.

Bif Bang Pow Scaroth and Morbius

Scaroth and Morbius Bif Bang Pow Figures (May 2012)

Bif Bang Pow Leela Bif Bang Pow Sutekh

Leela and Sutekh Bif Bang Pow prototypes were first unveiled at SDCC July 2011

Bif Bang Pow Fourth Doctor and Sontaran Styre

Bif Bang Pow Fourth Doctor and Sontaran Styre

Bif Bang Pow Cyber Leader and The Master

Cyberleader & The Master Bif Bang Pow Figures

As revealed in Toyfare Magazine, cult US action figure makers Bif Bang Pow are set to release Denys Fisher Mego-inspired 8" Doctor Who figures.

In the 70's Mego, under the Denys Fisher brand released a range of approx 9.5" Doctor Who dolls with cloth outfits. These figures have always been well regarded. Mint figures from the original Denys Fisher Doctor Who range command high prices amongst collectors.

Bif Bang Pow Mego-inspired figures.  Prototypes at NYC Toy Fair February 2011

Prototype Bif Bang Pow Mego-inspired figures at NYC Toy Fair February 2011 - Thanks Liam image courtesy of geektyrant.com

The new BBP Doctor Who line will start with an 8" Fourth Doctor Tom Baker with cloth outfit, sonic screwdriver and fedora. Prototypes of the Bif Bang Pow 8" 4th Doctor were first unveiled at the New York Toy Fair, February 2011, along with three other Baker-era figures - Cyber Leader with Cybermat, The Master and a Sontaran. Production figures should be out in time for July's San Diego Comic Con, plus 'one or two' exclusives.

Also debuting at NYC Toy Fair was a classic era Bif Bang Pow Bobblehead Tardis with sound effects.

Bif Bang Pow have a license for both classic and new series Doctor Who figures. In subsequent series BBP plan to release 8" versions of every Doctor and more, depending on fan reaction.

Bif Bang Pow

Bif Bang Pow, founded by TV producer Jason Lenzi in 2005, are based in Hollywood California. The company's mission is to bring 'high-quality action figures' to a 'cult audience'. Lenzi, taking a fan's perspective, aims to 'bring stuff to market that he would want to own'.

Notable licensed action figure lines from BBP include The Twighlight Zone, Lost and Flash Gordon. As well as their 8" cloth-outfitted action figures, BBP also make bobble head figures and other collectables.

Unlike the very high end 12" Tonner Doctor Who Dolls the 8" Bif Bang Pow range promises to be a lot more affordable and in a scale many collectors will certainly welcome.

Whilst we wait to see the Bif Bang Pow figures, here's the Denys Fisher figures that inspired them.

Thanks Matt G & Andrew L

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