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No 9 The Curse of Dalek Tang

SDCC 2010 Exclusives

Eleventh Doctor and Dalek Scientist

With the news that the 11th Doctor and Dalek Scientist (referred to by yours truly as Dalek Tang) two pack 11th Doctor & Dalek Scientist was an SDCC only release US Page a lot of brits have been talking about how it is unfair that they didn't get it.

To be precise, the only people who could get it were the attendees of the convention itself, and not only Americans.

If you were from the highlands of Scotland, or the outback of Australia, if you came down from the wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, or even the flats of the Powell Estate in London, and you attended SDCC you could buy the figure. I live just outside of the city of Chicago in the United States and I wasn't able to buy one directly.

So, even though the event was held in the United States that doesn't mean only Americans could get the figures. This is just the latest symptom of that most vile of diseases in the collectibles world, EXCLUSIVES!

I am not going to debate which country, the USA or the UK has been the one to have a greater number of exclusives. I will list just a few of some of them. Woolworths, Tesco, B&M, Forbidden Planet, SDCC, Newbury Comics.

Woolworths had a series of tweaked figures that were sold at their stores exclusively. Tesco had the three packs last year, and will have four more of them this coming year. B&M really only had one with the cyberleader. Forbidden Planet had the Pyramids of Mars 4th Doctor, commonly referred to now as POM Tom, Newbury Comics in the USA received one of the six figure box sets, series two, as an exclusive in the United States. SDCC has had figures each of the past few years. However, with last years releases it was felt that the disease was going to be defeated as FP in the UK was able to sell them also, as well as retailers in the USA. Before this, FP took approximately 95% of the stock of the 4th and 7th Doctor TARDIS sets, as well as the Unearthly Child 1st Doctor figures that were supposed to be sold through US supplier Underground Toys.

One of the forgotten 'victims' of this insanity is that Australia is the greatest loser when it comes to getting any of these figures from their favorite program.

As to the terms stating that items can only be sold to certain territories served by the US and UK retailers, that is false! I personally received an email from a USA retailer offering to sell me an item. This was sent to me in the mistaken belief that I was in Australia and wanted to get the item. An Australian was interested in the item and I was able to send one to them, as I am a consumer and not a retailer. But if Character Options and Underground Toys think that all retailers are following that rule, they are mistaken.

What is the effect of this exclusivity? Everyone loses, in one way or another