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The Curator Collector Set, Twelfth Doctor (in Purple/White/Black Shirt), Clara (Blue Dress), plus Fourth/Tenth/Eleventh Doctor Collector Sets

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2013 Rory Williams

Rory Williams Brown Jacket Variant as first seen on WHONA April 2013. This variant by Underground Toys is currently exclusive to the US Rory Williams Thanks Hoosier Whovian

Rory Williams Variant Brown Jacket Action Figure Rory Williams Variant Brown Jacket Action Figure Rory Williams Variant Brown Jacket Action Figure

SDCC 2012 Exclusives

Victory of the Daleks Set: Featuring Winston Churchill with Alternate Head and Right Hand, Ironside Dalek with Tea Tray Arm, 2 Glasses & 3 Telephone Accessories Victory of the Daleks

SDCC 2011 Exclusives

2011 River Song With Pandorica Chair SDCC exclusive from Underground Toys River Song With Pandorica
Thanks Hoosier Whovian & Cyberlek

River Song With Pandorica Chair Pandorica Chair Disc - Thanks Hoosier

Leela with Crossbow a Signed Limited Edition SDCC 2011 exclusive Leela Thanks Cyberlek, Liam & Josh

Leela Leela at SDCC

Exclusive Yellow Dalek

September 24th 2010

Underground Toys yesterday announced an extensive in-store promotion at US retailer Hastings Entertainment for Doctor Who merchandise starting in October and running through the holiday season.

The campaign, in association with BBC Worldwide, will feature a 6 x 4 ft display unit bringing together key merchandise from the show alongside other retail activity. In addition, Hastings will be selling an exclusive Yellow Dalek Action Figure, only available at Hastings in North America.

Earlier this year, Doctor Who delivered BBC America record ratings and reached the top spot on the iTunes TV chart Dalek Eternal

Thanks Liam

Dalek Eternal Dalek Eternal Join Us - Thanks Milobilo

SDCC 2010 Exclusives

2010 SDCC exclusives from Underground Toys. Available at the San Diego Convention Center July 22-25.
Thanks Lewis, Liam, Kieran, Matt, Jeff, Patrick, Joshua, Joseph & Ian O'