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Pig Guard and Space Pig
The Doctor and Tardis - Thanks Ian O'B

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Autons - Twin Packs and Auton (Grey)

The Autons are deadly living plastic mannequins that are "thought-controlled" by the Nestene Conciousness. The Autons have been defeated by the Doctor many times in the old and new Series. These figures were first released in the Auton Twin pack, each wearing different formal dress and each having different tones in their plastic. They each have a hand, the fingers of which are removable to reveal a hole which is their deadly gun weapon. These 2 figures have many points of articulation and are interesting Series 1 collectible action figures.

The Auton has been subsequently released wearing grey clothing called the "Grey Auton", first only available in the 6 figure pack (Series 1) and then later released as a single carded figure with the same removeable fingers and articulation as the original Auton variations. Thanks Alfie

25 Adipose

The 25 Adipose figure is fantastic because you can collect 30 Adipose if you get a Series 4 Doctor With Adipose as well. The adipose have two types: waving and flapping. I would recomend this to any Doctor Who fan - whatever their age. Thanks doctorwhoman


Banakaffalata has full poseability, which is suprising for a figure smaller than the other 5 inch figures. It has arm, elbow and hand articulation as well as knee and thigh movement. The head does NOT move.

The white tuxedo on Banakaffalata can be removed to reveal a panel of buttons (which cannot be pressed) and an EMP Device can fit in there (included). The EMP Device can also fit into Banakaffalata's hands.

I really like this figure and I would recommend this to anyone. Thanks Alex


Cassandra Cassandra Lady Cassandra Cassandra - Brain Jar

This figure seems like a poor comparison to figures like the Slitheen and Sycorax, as it has no articulation, but this is actually a stunningly good figure of the Lady Cassandra O'Brian Dot Delta Seventeen, first seen in The End of the World (2005) and later in New Earth (2006).

Cassandra is essentially a piece of skin stretched out over a portable metal frame, with her brain residing in a jar attached to the base. All that remains of her physical features is a pair of lips and her eyes - as Rose describes her, she's just "lipstick and skin".

Amazingly, this is almost perfectly replicated in the figure - the base runs on four small wheels, and the brain is well made and sits nicely in the jar, looking as though it is almost floating. Cassandra's skin is painted with veins on both sides - the beauty of this is that if you place a light source behind her, she becomes translucent and you can see the veins on her reverse side - making her look creepily alive. The detail on her back is very good too- behind her eyes she has two small lumps, and the back of her mouth is just a small red circle - this is exactly how she appeared in The End of the World (2005).

Cassandra also includes three robot spiders - these were controlled by her and were used to sabotage Platform One in the year 5.5/apple/26, and one was also seen at the beginning of New Earth (2006). However, the paint colour on these is quite inaccurate (plain silver) and the figures themselves are several times bigger than the actual spiders seen on TV. It's also a shame that these aren't articulated, and it might have been nicer to see this version with one of her moisturising assistants instead.

The later version has a repainted frame with "rust" patches, as Cassandra appeared in New Earth, but asides from this the figure is the same - which is a shame, as in the episode Cassandra's frame was actually damaged, and part of the brain jar was missing. This is made up for, however, with the fact the this version comes with Chip, her faithful force-grown clone servant. Chip - like New Earth Rose - has no articulation in his elbows, but the rest of the figure is great, and seems to capture his likeness to Gollum - again this is how Rose described him. Chip is now availiable in the Rose (New Earth) and Chip set. Thanks Jacob

Cat People - Novice Hame and Brannigan

Novice Hame 5 inch Novice Hame Gun Brannigan Action Figure Brannigan

The Novice Hame action figure is an amazing collectible. Novice Hame wears a grey habit and novice's hat. She was once among the creepy cat nurses/nuns worshipping the godess Santori. They used human clones in the dark for medical experiments and were arrested after they were thwarted by the Doctor in the year 5 billion in New York which is the 15th New York since the original New York on New Earth. She was at that time wearing her white habit. She was made the Face of Boe's nurse in Gridlock (2007) and helped the Doctor free many people from the Macra-infested motorway.

Scene from Gridlock

Novice Hame comes with a gun accessory. The figure has many points of articulation and is a great addition to any Series 3 figure shelf, or indeed to the entire collection. With her, the Face of Boe, Martha Jones and the Doctor in black suit you could remake the heartbreaking scene where the Face of Boe (a.k.a Captain Jack Harkness!) dies and tells the Doctor "You-are not-alone!" The letters Y-A-N-A are the message initials and the name of another Time Lord in human form...The Master!

Furthermore, another great cat person action figure is Thomas Kincade Brannigan, dressed in such adventurous brown clothing. He wears a coat, gloves, trousers and boots, all light or dark brown, and he wears a flying hat with goggles. Brannigan, like Novice Hame is a cat who stayed with the Doctor on the motorway for a while. In fact, we don't know too much about him, but we can tell he's an adventurer in this life or another. This figure has many points of articulation and is a great collectible. Thanks Alfie


Chip is an amazing action figure which has also been released with The 'Rusty' Cassandra, and then with Rose. This figure is of Chip from New Earth (2006), who loved Cassandra and worked for her. Chip was a clone with white clothes and tattoos all over his head and hands. This excellent figure is well detailed, fun to play with an an excellent figure. He has a hat and shoes and white clothes on him. This action figure is overall...brilliant! Thanks Alfie

Clockwork Man

Clockwork Man (blue) Clockwork Man blue blade accessory Clockwork Man (black) Clockwork Man black blade accessory

The Clockwork droids were the robots made with clock technology in the 51st century spaceship SS Madame de Pompador where they killed the crew and used their body parts to get the ship running again after an unfortunate event in space. The droids needed the brain of Madame de Pompador to run the ship and built time windows to reach her and were stopped by the Doctor and his faithful 18th century horse "Arthur" which Rose refused to let the Doctor keep prompting him to retaliate with "I let you keep Mickey!" in the Girl in the Fireplace episode (2006).

These figures come in two versions. One Clockwork Man is a black version, the other a blue version. They both wear 18th century French clothing and masks. These masks can be removed to reveal the clockwork head inside. These figures have many points of articulation and are a fascinating and wonderful addition to a Doctor Who merchandise collection. They both come with blade accesories which can be used to cut enemies open.

Sure the actual things look better, but they are still great artwork and a fine collectible variation. The blue Clockwork Man is also available as a 12" action figure. Overall these figures are some of the best Series 2 action figures. Note, there are pictures of a different 5" blue Clockwork Man with a lighter blue waistcoat, but don't trust them as it was never released in this form. Thanks Alfie

Commander Skorr

Commander Skorr is the same in the Sontaran Set as the single carded Sontaran Skorr. Same Laser Weapon, same Helmet, same grinning face that makes the Doctor want to rip him to pieces...

Skorr is exactly like the TV version, which is quite lucky really! Incredible articulation, an amazing addition to your collection. Thanks Alex

Destroyed Cassandra

First there was clean, then there was rusty, and now...Destroyed Cassandra!

This is a highly detailed action figure, of Cassandra (The Lady Cassandra O Brian. Delta 17) She was a piece of skin, once human, who had painless operations on her body, her skin, eyes, lips and arteries were all in the middle of a shiny silver frame, and in a blue tube her brain floated. She was using her robot spiders to destroy Platfrom One, where the rich and famous aliens gathered to watch the Earth burn in the year 5 billion. She was defeated when the temperature rose, and she exploded! But her brain survived and the back of her skin, so as Rose Tyler said "so your talking out of your-" CASSANDRA: Ask not. The Cassandra was now rusty and covered in wires. She needed a body so she used Rose's body, and eventually took her servant Chip's body, who died of heart failure, but before then the Doctor took her back to see herself as a normal human being. She was in the New Earth hospital asking for money, in exchange she would tell the outside world nothing about the Cat Nurses experimenting on human clones.

This action figure is of Cassandra when her skin burnt out after possessing Rose. It is highly detailed. But I warn you, its very bendy; all Cassandras are. It has a lot of rust on it and is fun to play with. It can wheel around. It is basically an empty frame with a beige tube and a brain, and wires, wheels and rust all over it. Overall this is a highly detailed figure and fun to play with. Thanks Alfie

Doctor Constantine - Review 1

Scene from The Doctor Dances

Doctor Constantine, as seen in Series 1 The Empty Child and the Doctor Dances (2005) was the elderly doctor in Albion hospital in 1941 during World War Two. Little did he know that Toshiko from Torchwood and the space pig would be there in 64 years time, but he had his own problems, the Empty Children with gas masks as part of their flesh; if touched they will make you the same as them.

This action figure has amazing articulation, the limbs can be moved around a lot. He comes with a cane accessory that Constantine uses to awaken the gas mask zombies. He has interchangeble heads; one of his human face, the other of his gas mask zombie-self. A fine collectible, and should you need to change the heads, you just twist the head he has on.

Constantine wears a suit and a doctors coat, he has an aged appearence and his cane accessory can be carried by the figure. A great Series 1 action figure and a fantastic addition to the universe of Doctor Who action figures, an interesting one for sure! Thanks Alfie

Doctor Constantine - Review 2

Doctor Constantine and Empty Child

I really like the detail of this figure and the fact that it has interchangeable heads! One point I would like to mention is that on the back of the card the figure has a green outfit, and on the figure it has a completely different colour altogether. Maybe that's one thing Character Options can work on!

Apart from that, the figure is highly detailed. In fact, I think that it does look a lot like the actor who plays him. The little cane accessory that comes with it doesn't seem to stay attached to his hand when I put it on. Back to the interchangeable head; I really thought that when I got it that it was a rubber sheet that you put over the head, Oh I was very wrong. The head actually comes off and there's a green tube that you put the other gas mask head onto. I think it is very, very interesting and I have a lot of fun with my little figure. I would give this 5" figure a rating of 7/10 for the various reasons stated above! Thanks Dean

Cyber Controller & Guards

Cybercontroller & Guards Cybercontroller & Guards

The cybercontroller set would be great in any collection. This set includes 1 x cybercontroller, 1 x cyber throne, 2 x cybermen (non armed gun versions) which are very hard to come by these days. The figures are highly detailed with head, arm and leg articulation

There is only one small problem with this set is that it is quite hard to get the cyber controller to sit down but it can be done in a special way if you try and do it for a little while. It can look even better if you can fit a bright light above it. The price of the set was about £20 but most places where you can find it will have it reduced to about £15 by now which is very fair. Overall i give this set a 10/10 rating Thanks Tim

Cybercontroller & Guards Cybercontroller & Guards Cybercontroller & Guards


The Cybermen are the deadly metal cyborgs that appeared in the 60s episode The Tenth Planet. They are humans that "upgraded" themselves to live longer in space or on Earth in a paralell universe as seen in Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel (2006). The Cyberman figure comes in so many variations and are amazing collectibles.

Character Options have released in the 12" range Cyberleader with EMP device, Cyberman with gun accesory, Cyberman and Cyber Controller. The 5" range is larger still. Character released a Cyberman without arm gun which is a very good figure with some fair articulation. They also released a Cyberleader with EMP device and removable chest plate as part of a Dalek battlepack. They released two 5" Cyber Controllers with either pale yellow eyes with white dots or light blue eyes with white dots. The one with blue eyes can also be found in a set with two Cybermen and a Cyber Throne.

Also available is the Damaged Cyberman found in the Army of Ghosts set, but rare (only 3000 released) as a limited edition San Diego Comic Convention Underground Toys USA release figure. This figure is of a cyberman with a hand, foot and leg destroyed to show all wires and metal parts. This figure is a great collectible variation in the Series 2 range. Thanks Alfie

Age of Steel

Cyberman - The Invasion

The Invasion Cyberman has great detail. This one comes with a handheld gun (which can be removed) and also held in either hand.

The poseability on this is quite good. The feet and knees move, but the newly introduced thigh swivel is not on this model. The body does not swivel either. On the arm's the hand's move 360 degrees and the arm moves up and down, same with the shoulder, but again, the mid-way between the arm and shoulder joint isn't there. The head does not move.

Cyberman The Invasion

This is a really good figure. Overall, recommended. Thanks Alex

Cyberman - Tenth Planet

This cyberman is from the final William Hartnell story The Tenth Planet. These cybermen were the original cybermen from the planet Mondas. This figure is part of the four piece Build-A-Wave that made the Tomb of the Cybermen Cyber Controller. This figure comes with the Cyber Controller's head.

The Cyberman has excellent articulation. The head moves. The elbows move, the upper arms move the hands turn. The boots also turn and the knees bend aswell. Like most of the cybermen the waist does move but movement is prohibited by the chest unit.

Overall this cyberman is a good figure. Well done to CO! 9/10 Thanks Lewis

Cyberman - Tomb of the Cybermen Review

This cyberman is from the Patrick Troughton episode Tomb of the Cybermen. These cybermen originated on Telos and were hibernating in Ice Tombs buried deep underground but a team of archaeologists re-awaken them. The cybermen then release cybermats in to the catacombs to attack the archaeologists. This is part of a four piece Build-A-Wave that made the Tomb of the Cybermen Cyber Controller. This figure comes with the right arm and the upper body.

The cyberman has good articulation. It has 14 points of articulation. The cyberman sculpt is not the sculpt being used in the 2nd Doctor twin pack. This cyberman also comes with 2 cybermats which are also of different sculpts. This figure is indescribably good.

Great figure CO! 100/10 Thanks Alex

Thanks Lewis

Collect N Build CYBERCONTROLLER From The Cyberwave

This figure is from a collect and build wave called Ages Of Steel. The figures you need to buy to complete this amazing figure are: the Tomb of the Cybermen cyberman, The Invasion cyberman, the Tenth Planet cyberman and finally, the Next Doctor cyberleader. Each comes with a part of the controller which you assemble together to build him (the parts are quite hard to clip in on some places).

The controller features a great amount of detail on the face and on the brain, an amazing amount of detail and creases on the suit and the tubes/wires along the arms and legs are made out of a rubbery material and are extremely detailed. There is no articulaton in the head - as it didn't move in the episode - but theres plenty more articulation on this figure. Both arms can move up and down 360 degrees, have an elbow joint, can swivel just above the elbow but not 360 degrees because the tubes will snap off, it also features a 360 degree hand spin on both hands. The waist can swivel 360 degrees, the legs can move up at a 90 degree angle, the legs also have a knee joint, and the boots can both swivel 360 degrees. Overall, this is an absolutely AMAZING figure wth plenty of articulation and detail. A definite 10/10. Thanks Joe

Daleks - Assault Dalek

The Assault Dalek can be found in two variations. The limited edition San Diego Comic Con action figure with chocolate/gold colouring is one version. The other, UK release, version is a gold-coloured Assault Dalek figure. There were only ever 3000 Chocolate Assault Daleks released, each is individually numbered and has the SDCC logo on the backing card.

The Assault Dalek, as seen in The Parting of the Ways (2005), was a renegade Dalek. It had a special feature; that feature was a claw arm. The claw arm on this figure is removable. The claw arm replaces the sucker arm. The Assault Dalek is a good action figure and very nice to play with. This action figure can wheel around like all Daleks and is now found with a blue eyepiece which the earlier versions did not have. The toy is a very nice Series One action figure. Thanks Alfie

Dalek Crucible 5"

The crucible dalek figure is the first newly cast daleks as the gun, sucker arm and eye stalk are of a new cast which is only currently available with the supreme and crucible daleks. The crucible dalek comes as part of the Stolen Earth set and there are no plans to make a single carded crucible dalek. The crucible dalek in my view is quite pointless because they feature for a total of 20 mins in the whole 2 episodes. The crucible dalek is just a silly design. Thanks Lewis

Dead Planet Dalek

From Dalek Set # 1, this Dalek has a white, 360 degree head dome. The eyestalk can go up but don't break it! This figure has a white 'pepperpot' end with blue sensor globes. It is grey in the middle where the un-posable weapons are. This figure is detailed very nicely. Sadly, the paint seems to have had some unloved attention, as you can see bits of blue around the Dalek. However, it doesn't show straight away. Thanks Alex

Planet of the Daleks Supreme Dalek

This Supreme Dalek has a gold 360 degree movable head. This design has Purple Luminosity Dischargers (for those that just said "What?" I mean the ears) and a white eye stalk that can go all the way up. The 'Pepperpot' base is black with gold Sensor Globes. The base on this Dalek is much thicker and bigger than ordinary Dalek's, but this is The Supreme Dalek, and with all it's Supremacy, I would say, "Make the Weapons Posable and take over the planet!" Thanks Alex

Genesis of The Daleks Dalek

This Dalek has a grey head with eye stalk that goes all the way up. The eye stalk on this Dalek is more 'realistic' is which sense I mean the eye has a black dot in the middle. The others are white. This figure is grey with Black Sensor Globes. The Plunger/Sucker is white with a black end and the Gun Ray is bronze. This figure again has some minor unloved paintwork as a bit of black can be seen, but again not straight away.

I would say that you get this set for your birthday list, half price. But shamefully I don't think this has the standards to be priced at £16.99. However it is decent enough if you are a true fan and must have it now. For those folks I would say treat yourself. But for those of you who can wait, get it half price or on your B'day/Chrimbo List. Thanks Alex

Dalek Army - Thanks Jamie

Dalek - 5" RC Supreme Dalek

Supreme Dalek - Thanks Tim Supreme Dalek - Thanks Tim Supreme Dalek - Thanks Tim

The Supreme Dalek is a lot of fun. Its incredibly highly detailed and the articulation on the arm and gun is fantastic. This dalek looks amazing and even more amazing when put with other daleks. It has got lighting ears with speech but its not perfect. The ears flash on and off as it talks but it still looks cool. The phrases of this dalek include: "Daleks are masters of earth! Daleks are masters of earth!", "Locate the tardis find the doctor!" and "Behold the might of the true dalek race!"

This dalek sounds good but nothing is perfect such as the lights that just flash on and off and the head does not move, the price of £20 is a bit steep but its worth it. Overall I would give this figure an 8/10 rating and I'll tell you what I think; its pretty close to being perfect! Thanks Tim

Supreme Dalek - Thanks Tim Supreme Dalek - Thanks Tim
Supreme Dalek - Thanks Tim Supreme Dalek - Thanks Tim

Dalek - RC Red Supreme Dalek

The red supreme dalek is from the season four finale of the new series of doctor who, The Stolen Earth and Journeys End. I remember my first view of this dalek; a picture of it was released with a davros picture, I was extremely excited, and now that the red dalek has been released I am happy. In Doctor Who the red dalek led the daleks when invading Earth but then in the finale Captain Jack just blew him up so I think he should have done more in that episode but its still brilliant. The figure of this, theres 2 available, one in the Stolen Earth set and an RC version. The RC is very good, red like the dalek. Now the Dalek says many phrases, phrases that I remember are "NOW THE DALEKS ARE MASTERS OF EARTH!" "YOU WILL ALL BE EXTERMINATED!" The Dalek has a voice like the emperor of the daleks. I got this at Tesco for 17 pounds, the first one I got features crushed packaging and the sucker arm had been completely destroyed so I got it swapped for a nice new one on the same day from customer services, and this one is fantastic, this daleks sucker arm bends easily its made from a different material to most of the dalek sucker arms. This Dalek has extra bits added including gold bits at the front and 3 of those things that light up when the daleks talk. I love this Dalek, its my favourite RC Dalek toy because it has so many phrases and the bits that light up actually light up and the voice is so fantastic, the quality has really improved and I hope to see rereleases of the RC gold dalek and dalek sec with improved quality because its so fantastic! Basically the articulation is below average for a dalek figure because the eyestalk, sucker arm and exterminate weapon all move but the dome doesn't but thats allright because the quality is so fantastic, so I rate this 10 out of 10, because even though there is one bit that could be improved, well 2 if you count the innacurate noise the dalek makes when moving, its really good and the best RC Dalek that Character have released. Thanks Alfie

Dalek With Mutant Reveal

An amazing toy and just like the real thing! The Daleks are a race mutated from the Kaleds of Skaro whose one purpose is to destroy. Dalek With Mutant Reveal's sucker weapon can be swivelled, as can it's extermination weapon. This Dalek can be found with a blue (later versions) or black eyepeice. The Dalek opens to reveal the mutant inside its dalekanium casing which resembles a pink octopus!

The actual mutant is tiny and has many tentacles. Its a one-eyed creature with a huge brain on the top of its head. Unfortunately the eye is not visible on this action figure; perhaps it was meant to be a dead Dalek with Mutant Reveal? The mutant can be moved slightly, if you can reach its tentacles. It has wheels on the underside for it to be moved around. It has a unique Dalek nametag. Mutant Dalek's head can also be rotated. Overall this is a good Series 1 figure and makes a great addition to any collection. Thanks Alfie

Davros 5"

The Davros figure was released in the Stolen Earth set and now has been released on single card. It is part of the series 4 wave 1.5 Davros is a highly detailed figure and his cybernetic eye has detail which is almost unbelieveable. Davros has the same base as the other dalek figures and his control console is an exact scale replica. Davros comes 3rd in my top ten list of favourites. Thanks Lewis

Davros 5" RC

This figure is excellent! The articulation in the arm is the same as the normal figure plus you can move the head. It comes with phrases such as "You will suffer for this" and "Welcome,to my new empire, Doctor!" the speech is very good apart from one phrase which is lower sounding than the actual davros on-screen. The dalek base is smaller and very detailed. One bad point I would give this figure is the colour of the inside of the chair. I think it might have looked better if this was painted black to go with the colour of davros's shirt. Overall a very good figure. I would give this 10/10. Voga in Edinburgh have got a lot of these in already which cost £17.99.Thanks GH

Donna Noble

When I saw the first images of the Donna figure, I said 'Am I Bovered?' Not long after that I realised she was in my Sontaran Set, so I was alright with that. The story goes on...

She is an amazing figure! Fantastic articulation and a great likeness to Catherine Tate; I was wowed!

Amazing for your collection of Catherine Tate stuff, or your action figure range! Thanks Alex

The Editor

The Editor on Satellite Five worked for The Mighty Jagrafess of The Holy Hadrojurrasic Maxarodenfoe, a.k.a Jagrafess, but The Editor calls him Max. This figure is of The Editor in his blue suit, played by Simon Pegg. This figure is icy, it has white hair and a cold looking face. He wears a blue suit and tie and is an excellent figure of The Editor from The Long Game (2005). Thanks Alfie

Empress of Racnoss

Empress of Racnoss 5 Inch Deluxe Action Figure

The Empress of Racnoss is a brilliant figure in the 5" deluxe range. It comes in two versions; one with strengthened legs and yellow Gallifreyan writing packaging background and one with blue Gallifreyan writing background. Both are extremly cool but do not withstand scrapes well as they turn pink!

The Empress of Racnoss is a huge spider featured in the Doctor Who Xmas special The Runaway Bride (2006) in which the Empress gets bridegroom Lance to drug his bride with attitude Donna Noble (played by Catherine Tate) with Huon particles to catalise inside her so she can awaken her "children" who are in a ship located at the centre of the Earth. The Empress meets her fate when she meets the Doctor.

This figure has amazing articulation and has 8 long arachnid legs and 2 pincers. Her red spider body is towered over by a chest, two arms with sharp bits on the end and a head that is shaped as if she is wearing a crown when you look at her front. She can stand up. She costs around 20 and is a cool figure that would make a great addition to any collection. She towers over the robot spiders. The Empress of Racnoss is a big figure and is very spider-like so keep her away from your mums! Thanks Alfie

Face of Boe

Face of Boe

Captain Jack was born in the Boeshain Peninsula and lived there as a poster boy. He was the first one of his homeland to join the Time Agency, and they called him the Face of Boe. When Rose Tyler revived him after the Daleks attempted to 'exterminate' him, he became immortal and eventually, after thousands of years, aged into a big brown face called the Face of Boe as seen in the End of the World (2005), New Earth (2006) and Gridlock (2007).

Face of Boe with animatronic mouth - closed Face of Boe - mouth open

The Face of Boe action figure is a big brown face with a life-supporting tank behind it. Boe's head lies in glass and on the top of his tank is a rectangular button that you can push to move his mouth and re-enact his final words "you are not alone"! This figure, like the RC Dalek Sec has 2 wheels and a silver ball at the bottom for him to move around on. This figure has no articulation but is a neat Deluxe action figure and a nice collector's toy. Thanks Alfie

Faceless Grandma Connolly & The Wire

Scene from Idiot's Lantern

Grandma Connolly, 1950s grandmother, lost her face courtesy of The Wire in the Idiots Lantern (2006). This figure is part of a set. A really nice set including faceless and detailed Grandma Connolly interchangeable heads, a portable television and a TV with a picture of The Wire on it, which, if you look at it from a different angle, turns into the face of Grandma Connolly.

This figure wears a cardigan and pink dress; sure it does sound like any old lady but when you change the heads she is a faceless old lady! The figure has fair articulation (for a granny) and is a Series Two action figure. A fantastic figure and a welcome new release. Her legs (like Lilith and the Gelth Zombie's legs) are hard to move under the dress but she is overall a good figure, collectable, and highly detailed. Thanks Alfie

Gelth Zombie

The Gelth Zombie was an old lady who died in 1869 and suffered the misfortune of having her corpse possessed by the gas Gelth ghost in The Unquiet Dead (2005). She has fair articulation but, like some other figures, has legs that are hard to move under the clothing, which in this case is a long black dress. There is a glow of fear in her eyes. She is a great Series 1 figure wearing 19th century clothing; a dress, pinafore with flowers on and a bonnet, all black. She is a fine collectible and nicely detailed.

This figure is a 2007 release. The arms have good articulation. Unfortunately the Gelth Zombie cannot walk around as her legs are hard to move but she can still stand up and has a spooky look about her. Her clothing is well designed and appropriate for the 19th century. This figure can be layed down to appear dead and her arm can be lifted as if in an attempt to strangle someone! The toy would go well with any Doctor Who toy collection, large or small; a collectible with wrinkles! Thanks Alfie

Gelth Zombie with Glow-In-The-Dark Head and Hands

This figure is an incredible release, and... it glows in the dark too! The Gelth Zombie was a corpse possessed by a Gelth ghost and used as its 'vehicle', found at one of Charles' performances in 1869. This figure is very detailed, and wears a dress with pictures of flowers on it and a small black bonnet. The figure is of an elderly Victorian lady with grey hair and period clothing. The Gelth Zombie was originally released as a standard figure. Now that it glows in the dark, its even better. Its painted with a new colour paint and when its in the dark, its head and hands turn green! It looks like a proper ghost! In the dark there is an unearthly glow emanating from the Gelth's head and hands. This figure is an amazing release, highly detailed and fun to play with. Thanks Alfie

General Staal

The 'Exclusive to this [Sontaran] set' General Staal comes with Removable Helmet and Swagger Stick. You can tell General Staal apart minus the Helmet and Swagger Stick. His Face, unlike Commander Skorr, doesn't show teeth. It is more like a frown on him. Absoluetly Excellent, Worth it. Thanks Alex

Genetic Print Dalek

The Genetic Print Dalek action figure is an excellent action figure of The Genetic Print Dalek with Rose's handprint from Dalek (2005). Rose's handprint restores the Dalek. This action figure is like a normal Dalek, but with a red colour change handprint on the head casing. You can place a thumb or warm palm on the genetic handprint and it fades slightly and then returns to red. My one does not seem to do this for some reason, but it is still an excellent Series One action figure. Thanks Alfie

The Hoix

Rooooooooooaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr! Thats what it did, it went "ROOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!" as Elton says describing the Hoix. The Hoix, as seen in Love and Monsters (2006), is a creature we don't know much about. He seems like quite a savage, but actually what he is wearing demonstrates a more sophisticated alien technology. Whether he is a savage, a slave or a representative of an invading species or other we do not have a clue. What we do know is he may have been killed with a "not blue" bucket of "supposedly a toxic chemical".

This figure has good articulation, similar to the Werewolf. It has a 'meaty' head with fangs and armour. He/she has claws on the hands and feet and has an open mouth so it looks like s/he is roaring! It is quite a good addition to the range of Series 2 action figures and is nicely detailed. It looks like the real thing, only not as slimy...This figure's head can go up and down as much as you like. A very good action figure indeed! Thanks Alfie

Captain Jack Harkness

This amazing figure has been rereleased with a great new cap. Captain Jack is a Time Agent from the 51st century Boeshaine Peninsula, where he lost his dad and little brother Grey. The Time Agency stole 2 years of his memories and he wanted them back so became a conman, took the name of Captain Jack Harkness from World War II, met The Doctor, and travelled in time and space. He is exterminated by the Daleks in 200100. Rose absorbed the time and space vortex and brought Jack back to life, and from that moment he can never die. Jack used his vortex manipulator to try and find the Doctor, but ended up in 1869. He goes through years of pain and joins Torchwood, then he rejoins the Doctor and battles Harold Saxon (The Master). Now he works with Martha Jones at Torchwood Three.

This action figure is a Series one figure and a brilliant collectable. For me, this figure would have been better with a coat, but the hat is very good and this is another oppurtunity to get the figure. This time he does not come with a sonic blaster. Captain Jack has been released with sonic blaster, sonic blaster and empty child, and there will be other versions released too. This fantastic figure wears his World War Two uniform and is well articulated and fun to play with. He is very detailed with good colouring. And his cap can squeeze right onto his head! The cap is finely detailed including an RAF cap badge. Overall this is a very good figure and a lot of fun to play with. Thanks Alfie

Jack Harkness

I Love this action figure, BUT I think when they make the Series 3 one if they could make it have more points of articulation and a better head because Jack's Torchwood figure I'm going to keep in the box. I think a Jack Series 3 figure with his gun, and another with his coat off and hand in a jar would be great! I do not like how I have to buy this figure 3 times, but its worth the money for CJH. Thanks Tom

Judoon Trooper and Captain

Judoon Captain (ivory) and Judoon Troopers Species?  Human!

The Series 3 Judoon Trooper and Judoon Captain five inch action figures are brilliant, well-coloured and interesting. Although somewhat disappointingly the Trooper does not have a removeable helmet, the Judoon Captain more than makes up for this with its rhino-like head available in two colours - skin and grey tone. A great addition to a Doctor Who toy collection. It comes with three accessories; the Judoon weapon, scanner and the translator - poorly coloured but better than nothing at all! The Captain comes with a red hole in the chest where you can put the translator, unlike the Trooper. Each figure has two points into which you can fix the accessories.

Scene from Smith and Jones (2007)

The articulation on the Judoon's legs is a bit tough under all the uniform, but this is made up for by the arms which can be moved a lot more easily. The Captain's head is a work of art and the Trooper's helmet is a cool thing too, even though its not removeable. If you want it with removeable helmet then you will have to save up for the 12" version of the Judoon Captain - a fine addition to any Doctor Who toy collection. Thanks Alfie


School Reunion

The Krillitanes are a shape-shifting alien race who take bits of every civilization they conquer. In the Series 2 episode School Reunion (2006) the Krillitanes use children at the Deffry Vale school to crack the Skasis Paradigm which requires the children's imagination. The children had to be fed chips with Krillitane oil to get the greater intelligence required to make the Krillitanes 'gods' in an ICT lesson. The Krillitanes were stopped by the Doctor, Rose, Mickey, K9 mark 3 and Sarah Jane Smith, an old companion of the Doctor's.

These bat-like action figures are available in many versions and have good articulation and detacheable wings. There is a red/brown krillitane which is a browny orange and has an open mouth. Its arms and legs have good articulation and the hands and feet have black claws. The Krillitane's wings can be moved up and down so you can make them fly (not literally).

There is also a grey version of the red Krillitane with open mouth; its articulation is the same only its colour is grey. The Grey Krillitane was the ICT teacher disguised as a human. Character have re-released the red and grey Krillitanes; this time their facial expressions have been changed to "angry" expressions and they have closed mouths but you can still see their fangs sticking out as before. These are available as single carded figures but can also be found in the 10 Figure Gift Set and the 6 Figure Pack (2007). The Krillitane are good collectibles. Thanks Alfie


Laszlo - Thanks Hoosier Whovian

I quite like this figure; the following reasons will tell you why. I like the articulation in this figure as, like most of the Series Three figures, it has good movement in the arms and the legs. What I don't like about it is that its smaller than the Martha figure, which makes it seem tiny. I like the detail that Character Options put into this figure to make it look as good as it does on television. In summary, I would give this figure a rating of 8/10! Thanks Dean

Series 2 Action Figures: The Doctor in Space Suit, Grandma Connolly & The Wire, Toby, Mickey Smith and Hoix Series 3 Action Figures: Brannigan, Dalek Sec Hybrid, The Doctor, Scarecrow (Grey Tie), Judoon Captain, Martha Jones and Scarecrow (Brown Tie)


Lilith is the Carrionite Witch from the 16th century who, in the episode The Shakespeare Code (2007), with her mothers Doomfinger and Bloodtide tries to release thousands of Carrionites from a Crystal ball via William Shakespeare's lost play "Loves Labours Won", a sequel to Loves Labours Lost. Their plan is of course foiled by the Doctor.

This figure is of the witch Lilith wearing a black cloak with a crystal ball accessory. She has many points of articulation, but her legs are hard to move under her black cloak. This is made up for with her arms that go up and down as often as you like! Lilith's head is a proper witch's face with long brown hair. One of the early Series 3 releases, this is a fine collectible indeed. Thanks Alfie

Series 3 Action Figures: Professor Yana, Scarecrow Beige, Lilith, Laszlo, Screaming Angel, Martha (Version 2), Judoon Captain (Grey), The Doctor in SS Pentallion Space Suit and The Master Series 3 Action Figures: Professor Yana, Scarecrow (Grey Tie), Lilith, Laszlo, Weeping Angel, Martha (Version 2), Judoon Captain (Grey), The Doctor in SS Pentallion Space Suit and The Master

Martha Jones

Another companion for The Doctor, this female assistant, starred in two of my favourite shows, 3 actually, Dr Who, Torchwood and Survivors, (Sarah Janes better than survivors though but Freema isn't in Sarah Jane). This companion is played by actress Freema Agyeman, who I once met! She's a nice person, with David Tennant, also a nice person at the HMV signing of the dr who series 3 boxset last year, her autographs a bit faded but still there, my uncle knows her and I have a christmas card from her too.

For me this companion the character herself is better than Rose because she isn't a screamer and basically even though she wants to "You-Know-What" with the dr she doesn't go around boasting about it to all her friends, anyway lol, this is a great figure. I'm reviewing all 3 versions - original, glossy and combat gear, the original one. The original is the same sculpt as the glossy version, but with different paint, and different entirely to the combat gear version. The glossy version is better than the original, but they are roughly the same, great detail and articulation. For likeness quite allright, the clothing is excellent for likeness but the face isn't as accurate. Anyway I think they are great and I think the articulation is the best, its not stiff, its easy, simple, and all the joints that a dr who figure should have - thats why it is one of the best action figures in existance. The combat version is great - the detail on the combat gear version is fantastic! The hair scuplt is new, and basically its my favourite outfit that Martha wears, (I'm not an expert on fashion, but I know when a companion for the dr is dressed well on an action figure especially). So the articulation and likeness on all three is great - I rate each 10/10 because they are perfect figures, so yeah, awesome action figures! Thanks Alfie

Martha Jones

Martha Jones is the Doctor's companion in Series 3. Martha is training to be a doctor herself when she meets The Doctor and is transported to the moon! After her 'Judoon' adventure in Smith and Jones (2007) she accepts The Doctor's offer of another trip in the TARDIS! This figure has about 14 points of articulation.

The figure is very well detailed and is fun to pose. The Martha figure has the new movement at the arm where it twists; a feature shared with the other new figures. She wears her red leather jacket and jeans. It also has her wearing earrings, a neckless and a ring on both hands. Her jeans are very well detailed and the legs have very good articulation. The legs can go up, the knees can bend and the figure can also turn at the waist.

The Martha Jones figure has been revised and repainted. Version 2 Martha Jones has a glossier red jacket, light brown boots and brighter make up. Martha Jones can be found either as a single carded 5" figure or as a 12" figure. Martha can also be found in the 6 Figure Pack, 10 Figure Gift Set, Flight Control TARDIS and the Professor Set. Thanks Simon

The Master - Review 1

The Master, Martha and The Doctor - Thanks a64

Arguably the most anticipated Doctor Who toy of 2007 has finally been released: The Master.

The characters return was teased throughout season 3 with references to Prime Minister Harold Saxon, and John Sim brought new life to the character as the maniacally charismatic timelord nemesis.

There is another Master available in the Utopia giftset, where the Master regenerates in Professor Yana’s clothes, but my review will concentrate on the single carded figure release. Points will be given for likeness, accuracy to the character, detail and overall value compared to other figures.

The figure wears The Masters now iconic black suit & tie. The likeness to John Sim is only passable. If anything I felt a little disappointed as Character Options usually gets face sculpts dead on, line Doctor Constantine or The Doctor.

The Master - Thanks a64

However, the whole of the figure in fairness is very detailed, with good paint applications adding texture to the hair. The clothes are sculpted well, with detail on the suit, trousers and shoes.

Articulation is good for this toy range, with the new bicep joint and swivelling wrists like the rest of the S3 figures. However there is no thigh swivel like the Judoon figures. While this is acceptable articulation, I feel the figures need a ball joint at the shoulders to allow horizontal as well as vertical arm movement.

Finally, accessories: The Master includes his laser screwdriver, which finishes off this figure perfectly, and the accessory is painted well and is accurate, as we have come to expect.

As far as a score goes for this figure; even though the likeness is only an 8 (and I am critical as we have come to expect a 10 from Character Options in face sculpts), the attention to detail and accuracy to the character is a 10. And lets face it, this is a ‘must have’ for any collector and I would advise getting it as The Master was such a key character in S3.

Thanks Spencer

The Master - Review 2

ARTICULATION - The Articulation of the Master figure is fab. He can turn his head, his hands and waist. Like most of the new figures he has the swivel arm feature. The articulation gets 10 out of 10.

DETAILS - His face sadly only gets an 8 out of 10. It is only just recognizable as John Simm. He looks grumpy. His suit however is brilliant. He has a ring, buttons, and pockets. His suit gets 10/10 That gets a Grand Total of…. Drum Roll Please… 28/30! Thanks TLD

The Master - Review 3

The Master with Laser Screwdriver and The Master with Laser Screwdriver with stand sets and closed Toclafane

Information: The Master is a famous enemy of the doctor, he first appeared in the doctor who story Terror of the autons where he met the doctor with the autons. Ever since he has been causing trouble. He was a criminal on Earth, then a decaying time lord searching for lives, then a time lord in a human body trying to take over the universe, always being stopped by the doctor. Then he was killed in Doctor Who The Movie by falling into The Eye Of Harmony. He was ressurected by The Time Lords to fight in The Last Great Time War, then he took a fob watch and made himself human, and was found as a child in The Silver Devastation, abadoned with a fob watch, then he was a human working on The Utopia Project, in The Year One Hundred Trillion. Then he heard whispers from his fob watch, opened it at the end of the universe and became the master, the doctor, martha and jack saw him, and then he was shot by Changtho, he regenerated and became Harold Saxon, travelled back in time and became The Prime Minister Of Great Britain and used The Toclafane to invade Earth, The Toclafane turned out to be people from The Year One Hundred Trillion who became The Toclafane. Eventually The Doctor defeated the master and the master died, but at the end of series 3, a hand could be seen picking up The Masters Ring where his body was being burnt. Was it the hand of his wife? Another Time Lord? Donna? Romana? The Rani? Well at the end of series 4 I saw Donnas ring flashing, and I think its linked to The Masters Ring. I think that its likely for The Master to return to Doctor Who soon.

This figure is available as The Master wearing The Professor's clothes in The Utopia Set. This figure was released first of all then rereleased with improved detail and Toclafane with stands. Both releases also feature a Laser Screwdriver. The Laser Screwdriver is a brilliant accessory, the detail is brilliant. The Toclafane detail is fantastic, very very good and The Toclafane feature stands, each stand, is made from 2 pieces, to stand the toclafane in place. The Toclafane are really good. Then there is The Master, both figures are the same sculpt, so, the suit is done well, the articulation is done well and overall the whole thing is brilliant. It doesn't look much like John Simm but the hair scuplt is done well, and its good that a figure of this version of the master has been made because he is my favourite villian, equal with davros, and the series 3 finale is my favrioute finale so far. So this figure is good to have in a collection, and one of the masters hands seems to be sculpted in a way so he can hold the laser screwdriver accessory. The face of the original version was done poorly, the plastic was bad and the face looked burnt so basically its good that they updated, I like both but I think the new version is the best. The old version gets an 8 out of 10. The new version gets a 10 out of 10, and the accessories and toclafane all get 10 out of 10 each. Thanks Alfie

Mickey Smith

Mickey is Rose's lame boyfriend turned time-travelling defender of the Earth, played by Noel Clarke. He has been released as a single carded figure with a preacher gun accessory, or with the Army of Ghosts set as Mickey Smith with void transporter. Both the actual figures are exactly the same.

The Mickey figure has good articulation and wears fingerless gloves, a grey shirt, black shoes and trousers. This figure is a Series 2 action figure; Mickey is dressed as he was in Army of Ghosts and Doomsday (2006). This is a very good action figure; great if you want to build a TARDIS crew. The Preacher gun is a big black gun that Mickey carried and the Void Transporter was a handy device he used to cross between our universe in 2007 and "Petes world" 2010. Mickey Smith makes a good addition to the range of Doctor Who figures. Thanks Alfie

The Moxx of Balhoon

End of the World

The Moxx is a small, fat, blue-skinned humanoid who is a solicitor in the year 5 Billion - he moves about on an anti-gravity seat, as his small legs are insufficient to support his weight. He was killed by Cassandra's robot spiders in The End of the World (2005).

The Moxx figure is quite accurate - although the very first version's paint was a little too bright, the second and third version had better detailing and a darker finish. Articulation is quite limited in this figure - the Moxx's head can only move a little from side to side and he has articulation at the shoulders, but that is it. As a bonus however, he features pull-back-and-go motion - it is quite entertaining to see the little blue chap whizz around madly, even if the quick motion isn't exactly accurate.

The Moxx can be found in three versions - the earliest was the bright blue version, the second repainted and the third was a repackaged "Series One" version. All the Moxxes come with two robot spiders, which are identical to the ones in the Cassandra set. Again, it might have been nice to see a different figure included in the later versions- such as one of the Platform One hospitality staff, or the unfortunate plumber that Rose met... Thanks Jacob

Natural Ood

The Natural Ood figure with hind brain is a good figure. The detail is very good. The Natural Ood are from Doctor Who series 4 episode three, Planet of the Ood, where the Doctor and Donna visit the planet of the ood, where they discover that the Ood had their brains cut off and were sent to become slaves. Eventually the ood brain took over and the ood could have their mind back, and they could sing again. The brain accessory, it has been said elsewhere isn't very accurate in paint and should be white, and even if that is true, I don't care, its a great accesory and the transparent pink colour makes it look very nice. The ood figure has a fair amount of articulation, and its actually the first Doctor Who series 4 figure I ever owned. I got the doctor with 5 adipose the same day, and the sontaran set. I like getting figures as soon as they are released.

The detail of the figure as I said is very good. Very good with clothing, allthough there isn't much articulation on the figure its still good. The feet and arms move a bit, but the legs cannot be moved; whenever there's something like a dress covering legs the legs are hard to move but the dress is a good thing, it is supposed to be included with the figure and it is. The brain fits on to the ood's left hand and into the tentacles on the face. Overall this is a nice figure, and deserves 10 out of 10, because it is extremely good for detail, but the articulation is difficult. I like this figure very much, and detail is to me, the most important feature visible. Thanks Alfie

Novice Hame as Sister of Plenitude

Novice Hame appeared as a Nurse and then a helper of The Face of Boe in Gridlock (2007) and New Earth (2006). This amazing action figure is easy to move and fun to play with. The original figure of her is of the version from Gridlock in grey with teleport bracelet and gun and now there is an action figure of her as a Nurse. Novice Hame was a cat nurse working for the New Earth hospital experimenting on human clones. She was arrested and then worked for The Face of Boe, who died, then Novice Hame went on to work for The Planet New Earths City of New New York. This amazing action figure is really great. For some reason the sculpt is similar to the original, but this is still a great action figure and is very fun to play with. Thanks Alfie


The Ood are a basic slave race as seen in The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit (2006). Ood Workers are a humanoid shaped bald-headed, red-tentacled species. This action figure is available as either a single carded figure or in the Sancturary Base Set.

The Ood has good articulation and wears a grey suit, and black gloves. The head is bald, big and white with two red eyes and red tentacles that come out of the head which is very pale and wrinkled; this makes it look like a tortured creature. It comes with an accessory; a white ball that it uses to translate its speech for others to understand. The translation orb accessory has a white string attached that can be inserted into a small hole in the Ood's red tentacles. This action figure has fair articulation and has a piece sticking out of its hand to hold the white ball which it can use to electrocute people.

The Ood name was inspired by the word odd as they ARE odd and were therefore named something similar. They are a slave race like Slabs who devote their entire lives to serving people and they make no complaints. This is an amazing Series 2 action figure and very interesting. Note that in the Sancturary Base Set there are 2 Ood Workers which are exactly the same as the single carded figure. Thanks Alfie

The Ood with Glow-In-The-Dark Eyes and Translation Orb

This figure was first released as a figure that did not glow in the dark, now it has been released again as a figure with glow in the dark eyes and translation orb. It is now painted with different colour paint and is highly detailed and very good to play with. The Ood are a slave race that work for humans in the future and were possessed by the Beast and used their translation orbs to electrocute people.

This figure wears a grey suit and black gloves and black shoes. The translation orb can fit into the tentacles coming from the large, bald, white head with wrinkles. When its dark the eyes glow yellow and the translation orb glows too, its very exiting. This is a good figure to play with. Overall it is an amazing figure and an oppurtunity to get the Ood again, this time glowing in the dark! Thanks Alfie

Ood Sigma

Ood Sigma with translator orb. This is a good figure, the Ood Sigma is from Planet of the Ood, he helped the Ood by turning Mr Halpen into the Ood with a hair growth drink. I actually think Mr Halpen as an Ood would make a great figure, I hope it gets released, especially with accessories including a drink, and interchangeable heads to look like the ood and Mr Halpen. Anyway, Ood Sigma is a great figure. It has loads of things attacahed, a drink container, a glass, and several other things. Its really high quality. It wears the Ood Sigma outfit. The detail on the face and body is really great. Its really good, the articulation is brilliant and its overall a great action figure. Thanks Alfie

Ood Sigma

Watch out for that hair tonic, there's an Ood about! This Ood Sigma comes with same articulation as the other 'Normal Ood'. This Ood comes dressed in black and has a belt around his stomach.

On Ood Sigma the Translation Orb doesn't fit as nicely as on 'Normal Ood'. The Stick of Black on Sigma's Hand is made of rubber this time, The Orb could rip this off easily if not posed with care.

All in all a generally Good Ood. Thanks Alex

Ood Sigma

From the episode Planet of the Ood (Series 4 2008) this action figure wears a suit with a 'z' on it and a belt with Mr.Halpen's hair loss drink on it. This ood also has a speech orb and is very well detailed. Thanks VaughanH7

[Natural] Ood

This Ood differs from all the other Ood. Instead of a Translation Orb, it has a second brain.

The Natural Ood figure has the same articulation as the other Ood figures but different clothing. This figure comes in a full length smock type garment.

As with the Ood Sigma figure, The Ood brain may break the hand stick if not posed with care. The hand stick is made of rubber and may break if the brain is forced on.

A very good figure overall, and well worth buying! Thanks Alex

Plush Adipose

Welcome to this review of The Character Options Plush Adipose 'Teddy'. First of all the detail is great and its realistic. It cost £9.99 and comes with a label, on the back of the label features an Adipose Industries logo. The teddy isn't articulated but is bendy, and squeezes easily. Overall the toy deserves a rating 10/10. Its unusual that they're making toys like this because its usually action figures and dolls, and its nice to make a teddy, and an Adipose is an awesome and obvious choice, they did a Rex Primeval plushtoy, but Primeval can't compete with dr who, because yeah its a great show, but Dr Who is on a higher level than Primeval. Overall great toy. Thanks Alfie

Professor Yana

I really like this figure despite the different plastic. I like the chain detail. This figure also comes in a set with the doctor, martha and the master in yana's clothes but I got this because I didn't want another martha and I'm going to be getting that doctor with the ghost-busting gear doctor though I might get the master in yana's clothes if I can find it cheap seperatley on ebay. The hand on yana looks like it's sculpted to hold the masters' laser screwdriver, I don't have the Master so I can't try, anyway, I rate this figure 10/10 Thanks The Last Dalek

Pyrovile Magma Creature

This figure is a really good likeness to the on-screen pyrovile. It has 19 points of articulation with easily removeable parts which I really like. The texture is also very good.Thanks Gordon

Pyrovile Priestess

The Pyrovile Preistess figure with hat accesory is a very good figure. In Doctor Who series 4 episode two The Fires of Pompeii the pyrovile's world was taken by the daleks, so the pyrovile needed a new home, so they tried to turn the people of Pompeii to stone. Eventually Mount Vesuvius erupts, presumably engulfing the pyrovile in rocks.

This figure is highly detailed with good articulation in the arms, legs and head. The thing on the top comes off, to show a complete head. This is a good figure, good detail on the face, the face and hands have a very good stone feature and the figure wears a red robe, overall its a very good figure and fun to display and play with. The episode the character was in is actually for me, the best episode of series 4, its emotional, exiting, historical and I really like the fact that it introduces a more caring, sad emotion to Donna, she has cried before, but this is more dramatic, and it has good CGI effects, the music is amazing, and overall its a good episode. And back to the figure, its brilliant, really fun to play with. Thanks Alfie

Pyrovile Priestess

This is a really good figure because the paint and everything about the figure is excellent, except the articulation because it only has 8 points, but Donna Noble has 16 points – the legs only turn around not bend at the knee, this makes it very hard to stand up. It comes with a headdress, which is removable; this fits onto other figures such as the master. There is not much more to say about this figure, but I would recommend this figure to collectors, as it is a fairly good figure. Thanks Ryan

Reaper Review 1

The Reapers, like bacteria...a wound in time. These creatures were to seen to fly around the world fought by none other than the Doctor, Rose, Jackie and Pete the almost useless hero. With their multliple limbs they look brilliant. One with spikes, another with paws, and 2 big wings. And a huge tail with a big 'reaper bit' at the end. Their stomachs can light up to feast upon people.The figures are not capable of this, but their stomachs do light up. This is a reasonably priced great deluxe action figure by Character Options. They can fly about (not literally), they have bendy tails, and good articulation in their limbs. The big heads have small red eyes and spikes and ears. These action figures are highly detailed and fun to play with. Thanks Alfie

Reaper Review 2

The Reaper

The deadly Reapers from Series 1 have finaly been made into figures, and believe me it's worth your money! The Reaper figure has a bendy tail and massive wings. It comes with a see-through stand for display, or you can take it off the stand for play as the stand only clips on. There is a button on his back. Keep your finger on it and a yellowy orangey light will shine. You can also put it into position as if it's eating someone! So it is basicly the best deluxe figure I have got and is definitely worth your money. Thanks John Saxon

River Song 5"

The Professor River Song figure is a great figure with excellent articulation and remarkable detail. River Song comes with a squareness gun and sonic screwdriver. She is part of the series 4 wave 2 figure range. You can also detach River's helmet. River Song is planned to be part of the Silence in the Library set although it is still under consideration. River comes 1st in my top ten list of favourites. Thanks Lewis

Rose - Series 1

Rose is the original new series companion of The Doctor. She met him when they were battling the Autons. This figure is a good sculpt, found in two versions; the yellow hair and blonde hair paint variations. The original yellow hair one is from the Dalek Battlepack and the newer one is from the Rose and Robot Spiders/Rose & K9 packs. The figure is a good one; nicely sculpted and painted, and the articulation is OK, but I would like one with a neutral pose. Anyway, this figure features The Rose signs on the back. Basically its a nice figure and plays well, but I think the original figures should be rereleased with improved quality, this figure is like one step from the Dapol style (which is still good) but, the better the quality, the better the figure. At least the dapol boxes don't need to be ripped to open them, so I can display the boxes on a wall somewhere! So I rate the figure a 4.5 out of 10, and the later one *drumroll* 7.5 out of 10. Overall a good figure, thanks for reading. Thanks Alfie

Rose with Ice Extinguisher

An opportunity to get the Series 2 New Earth rose again, but this time without K9. This Rose comes with an ice gun accessory. The figure, for some reason is not like the one from the Girl In The Fireplace, but the one from New Earth. Rose and Mickey used ice guns as defence when walking around the SS Madame de Pompadour, while the Doctor checked up on Madame de Pompadour in her home time, connected to the ship. This Rose action figure is well articulated and fun to play with and comes with a new ice gun! Or ice extinguisher as Character Options call it on the packaging. The ice gun is about 4 inches tall! Its silver colour with a black tube on it, its very detailed and can be held by the Rose action figure. Its quite a big gun compared to the scale of the figure. Overall this figure and accessory are highly detailed and very fun to play with! Thanks Alfie

Rose and K9

Rose meets the Doctor at the shop where she works in 2005, as he saves her from an army of Autons. She travels with both the 9th and 10th Doctors, until the warring Cybermen and Daleks finally tear them apart. Numerous versions of K9 travelled with the 4th Doctor and his companions - the last version being left on Earth with Sarah Jane Smith.

The Rose figure in this pack is simply a revised version of the Battle Pack Rose - the hair colouring is more accurate, and the "ROSE" logo on her jumper is slightly different. Unfortunately, due to the last-minute addition of articulation to the Battle Pack Rose, this figure can only be posed in a few different ways - the elbows are permanently bent, and simply swivel. The knees don't move at all, and due to this and the bad articulation at her hips, she can't really move her legs without it looking very strange. The face is also modelled poorly, making this figure pretty bad overall.

However, the later versions of this pack come with the New Earth Rose - this version is well modelled, and her outfit is well reproduced as well. Though she doesn't have articulation at the elbows, this Rose is a lot better, and can be posed in a variety of ways. The head is also articulated, which makes a big difference in my opinion. The Rose figure can also be found in a variety of packs and is included in the Rose and Chip set.

But the star of both of these packs has got to be K9. The K9 figure is well reproduced, and the detail is very good too. The original pack had a "rusty" K9 in - the paintwork differed on these, so some of the "rust" looked authentic, but some didn't. Also, the rusty version's main body paintwork was actually darker, with a few exceptions. The "shiny" version 2 was much better, and looks similar to the rebuilt K9 at the end of School Reunion.

Both K9s feature "pull-back-and-go" motion, the result of which is a super-charged mini K9 that rushes around knocking over any action figures in the vicinity, regardless of whether they are good or evil. This, it has to be said, is great fun. They also feature a removable access panel, revealing the circuitry within. This little touch really puts the icing on the robotic dog-shaped cake, and if you get the Doctor, you can take the panel off and aim his sonic screwdriver...

A slightly larger version of the "rusty" K9 is found in the Doctor and K9 RC pack. Thanks Jacob

Sarah Jane Smith and K9

This amazing twin pack is of Sarah Jane Smith and her robot dog, K9 mark 4, (clean version, not to be confused with rusty k9, mark 3). Sarah Jane Smith is a journalist who lives in South Croydon. She investigated U.N.I.T under the name of her Aunt Lavinia Smith, The Doctor found out and did not tell that she was not her aunt because he wanted her to make coffee, which she didn't do, so The Doctor made himself one in the TARDIS, which she sneaked on board and ended up as a servant in The Middle Ages, where she and The Doctor defeated the Sontaron Linx. They travelled together, fighting Dinosaurs and Daleks and Spiders

When The Doctor regenerates Sarah Jane Smith continues travelling with him, along the way fighting robots, androids, another Sontaron, daleks, davros, cybermen, wirrn, antimatter, mummies, Suhtekh, Zygons, huge plants, an almost dead Time Lord, Mandrgarora energy and then Eldrad, the stone alien. Then the Doctor was tricked by The Master into going to Gallifrey and he left her in South Croydon, oops! Not Croydon, Aberdeen! (It was funny). Then she received K9 mark 3 from the Doctor and investigates alien mysteries with him. She entered the Death Zone when capured by aliens and escaped. She met the Doctor again in an invesitigation of a school and helped him fight the Krillitanes with k9 mark 3, who was blown up. The Doctor replaces him with a new, clean, K9 Mark 4. She now investigates alien mysteries with 3 children, Maria, Luke and Clyde.

K9 was invented by a scientist, who gave him to The Doctor, he was given to Leela, who stayed on Gallifrey, the next, given to Romana after many adventures. Mark 3 was given to Sarah. Mark 4 was given to Sarah and he is fixing a black hole. Can be called with a whistle. The K9 figure is great and has a removable panel revealing technology. The Sarah Jane figure is a great figure in a jacket and is very fun to play with and an excellent action figure! Thanks Alfie


The Family of Blood brought to life an army of Scarecrows in the dark days of the First World War. These action figures are amazing collectables and are a great addition to any Series 3 shelf. There are three variations of this figure, two of which are the same sculpt. The first two versions of this figure were brown with a choice of a grey or brown neck tie, the heads are also a different sculpt. The latest version of this action figure is the same sculpt as the Scarecrow with brown neck tie, but in beige. By buying these figures you could have an entire army of Scarecrows; you might even be considered "Cousin of Mine" - a new addition to the Family of Blood!

These figures are amazing, and have good articulation. They are nicely detailed with straw in the correct places. There is some difference in the colouring when you compare the toys to the actual Scarecrows as seen in Human Nature and the Family of Blood (2007). The Scarecrows are really spooky figures, like Lilith and the Werewolf. You could build yourself a "Halloween action figure army!"

It would not be suprising if they made another Scarecrow such as a beige Scarecrow which is the same sculpt but with grey neck tie, or the other sculpt with grey neck tie, or the other sculpt with brown neck tie, or a new sculpt with brown neck tie, or a new one with grey neck tie, or one of each sculpt with a beige neck tie!! But lets hope they don't rush into all that, as other figures may be of more interest right now! Overall these action figures are brilliant and worth buying! Thanks Alfie

Scarecrow (Grey)

In the Doctor Who episode Human Nature in Series 3 of the new series the doctor is being chased by The Family of Blood. To hide, the Doctor makes himself a human with different memories, and puts his time lord self into a fob watch. The Family of Blood find him and use an army of scarecrows. There have already been before this 2 versions of scarecrow, both brown, with a brown neck tie, the other with a grey neck tie. The scupt of the figure this review is about is exactly the same as the scarecrow with brown neck tie figure. This figure is amazing, good ariculation, good paint job and I give it an overall 10 out of 10 rating. There was supposed to be a beige scarecrow but they released this instead, now I love this figure but I also wanted them to release the beige scarecrow, I think this version is better but when I heard they would be releasing a beige scarecrow and a blue one, I was excited because then I would have 4 scarecrows, and I'd have quite a big army, but 3 is good and if I ever want a bigger army (and I do) then I would buy some more scarewcrows. So its a very good figure, extremely good. Thanks Alfie


The Slitheen are an alien family (first seen in Aliens of London/World War Three and later in Boom Town - all 2005)from the planet of Raxacoricofallapatorius (phew!) who come to Earth in 2006 with the intention of destroying it and selling the remains as fuel for spacecraft. They disguise themselves as portly politicians with their compression fields, which they carry round their necks - but under the skin is a huge, green, calcium-based creature...

The Slitheen is another good figure - the Slitheen figure has great articulation and a scary snarling mouth. The arms on this figure are really long, so it makes a great one to pose on your shelf. The detail is good - the compression field device stands out and is well coloured, and the jet-black eyes are actually shiny, making it almost seem as though this figure is watching you... However, it is hard to realistically pose the Slitheen in any other position than "standing up gesturing violently" which is a shame. However I think the detail makes up for this slight letdown.

The Series 1 version Slitheen is exactly the same - but - and boy, this is a big but- it includes the Space Pig figure. The Space Pig is actually an ordinary Earth pig, but the Slitheen modify its brain, and send it in their spaceship to crash land in Central London. The Space Pig figure is reasonably detailed, and has decent articulation - though the small size and bulky shape of its space suit make it hard to realistically pose - but as this is only really an add-on figure to the already good Slitheen, it doesn't seem to really matter. Thanks Jacob

Slitheen with Skin Suit

This is a brilliant figure. First of all the slitheen is good, good paint, still inaccurate though, anyway the articulation is brilliant. The slitheen were an alien race who hid in the skins of overweight people and tried to lie about an alien invasion to get nuclear missiles and desroy the earth and steal the material. They also appeared in the Sarah Jane Adventures and there is a baby slitheen action figure from it that I have already done a review of, that review is on the sarah jane adventures page on, now the skinsuit is brillaint, good detail I thought it would be possible to stetch into a proper figure but it is still very good. I'm hoping to see a margaret skinsuit and a margaret action figure with slitheen arm, human arm interchangeable and extrapalator. The slitheen also came with a space pig once, the space pig is fantastic, good articulation and paint, it was an alien hoax made by the slitheen from their technology and a real pig, looked at by the doctor and Toshiko Sato from Torchwood who was SPOILERS! killed off at the end of Torchwood series 2. So basically all of these are just brilliant, not much to say, its a slitheen thats already been released and a nice skinsuit, the slitheen is good for army builders, so overall they get a 10 out of 10 each. Thanks Alfie

Sontaran Trooper

The Sontaran Trooper is exactly the same as the single carded Sontaran Trooper. Un-removable Helmet and Laser Weapon.

Same Sontaran articulation and maybe worth getting a couple more times for the Sontaran Empire that sits on your shelf. Thanks Alex


There are 3 Sontaran figures altogether. These are General Staal, Commander Skorr and Sontaran Trooper. If you cannot afford General Staal then you won't be able to get his extra weapon. However, if this happens you could always use Doctor Constantine's stick. The sontarans are flexible, and I would not recommend them to younger people as they may get broken. But this is the perfect collector's item for older people. Look out for new sarah jane figures - rumour has it that there will be a Commander Kaagh figure. Thanks doctorwhoman

Sycorax Leader (Wave 1)

This is a great figure from 2005's The Christmas Invasion - it depicts the unmasked leader of the alien Sycorax, who attempts to enslave Earth. The figure itself has 10 points of articulation, so it can be posed pretty effectively, and the body and cape are well modelled, making the Sycorax's bony trinkets look quite realistic.

In fact, this figure has three layers of PVC cape, showing off, once again, Character's fantastic attention to detail. The Sycorax also includes two brilliant accessories - his whip and ceremonial staff. The staff sits well in his hand, but it can occasionally be hard to get him to hold the whip as his thumb gets in the way somewhat!

Unlike most of the other Character Options figures, which have (c) BBC Worldwide printed on their feet, the Sycorax's cape provides an ideal hiding place for this writing, which it is tucked right under. Unfortunately, on some figures the skin tone looks a little too pink, and it is a shame that the accessories didn't include a duelling sword - although, considering it comes with two large accessories already, this does seem a bit much to ask.

Original and boxed Wave 1 Sycorax Leaders can fetch high prices - a mint condition boxed Sycorax recently fetched around 150.00 on a major auction website, with others going for around 70.00. Character will be rereleasing this figure, repackaged as "Series One" sometime soon, as the original version was only availiable for a very limited time. We can but hope that it might include a duelling sword! Thanks Jacob

Sycorax Warrior

This amazing action figure is similar tyo the Sycorax leader, but in many ways it is better, because it has a sword and a helmet, with different armour, bones and clothes. This figure is nicely detailed and it is fun to play with. The Sycorax tried to invade Earth by hypnotising humans with A+ blood, but they failed in making them jump and were defeated by the Doctor and blown up by Torchwood. This amazing action figure is easy to move and is detailed well. The helmet is not removable, but it is still a great action figure of The Sycorax Warrior from The Christmas Invasion (2005). Thanks Alfie

Sycorax Warrior

"Sycorax strong, Sycorax mighty, Sycorax rock!" And they do rock! This poseable action figure is a great addition to any Doctor Who fan's collection with the Sycorax sword included this is a brilliantly detailed figure and the sword is just as good. A good figure if you have Sycorax Leader. The savage race are easily a brilliant addition to your collection; buy it now. The figure is 9/10. Remember, Sycorax rock! Thanks Cobi



Toby Zed works on Sanctuary Base 6. Toby featured in the two part episode "The Impossible Planet" and "The Satan Pit". He was possessed by The Beast. When he's possessed weird writing goes all over his face and hands (maybe his whole body) and his eyes go red!

The figure has really good detail and has about 16 points of articulation; the head can turn, his arms have the movement (swerve round) and the hands can turn. It can move at the waist, the legs and the knees, and thats about it. I also like the detail of the communicator which is like a watch on his left hand, its very fun poseing him like he is talking on it!

The only thing I thought could improve the figure is if it had interchangeable heads and hands so one could be normal and one could be possessed, but sadly it doesn't. Apart from that, this is a pretty good figure and great for any Doctor Who collector. Toby can also be found in the Sanctuary Base Set. Thanks Simon

Toby Zed Un-Possessed

The Toby Zed figure has been released first as 'Toby' in 2007 and subsequently repackaged as 'Toby Zed Un-Possessed' in 2008. Toby was working at Sanctuary Base 6, and was possessed by the Beast. This possession took the form of writing on his face, giving him red eyes and he could even breath fire! This great new figure is highly detailed. Toby wears a grey shirt, belt and black trousers. He is well articulated and fun to play with. He wears a device on his wrist. He is fun to play with and you can remake scenes from Series 2 with both versions of Toby. Toby Zed Possessed has red eyes and markings on his skin. Both versions are identical sculpts and are very detailed and fun to play with. Thanks Alfie

Weeping Angel (Screaming Version)

In an episode in Doctor Who series 3, called Blink, Sally Sparrow recives messages from the doctor, her and Larry Nightingale go to a house where the weeping angels attack, if you blink at them and don't see them they will catch you! They are extremely fast, they transport you to the past and consume all your potential energy. This figure is brilliant, its different from the weeping angels, it has a different sculpt, sharper nails and teeth and a different expression. I think its extremely good. Also the weeping angel figure is extremely good; when I display it I make it look like it is weeping, like in the episode, I like it that way, I dont usually pose my action figures but with this one, its so obvious for it to have its eyes covered. The weeping angels have wings and are entirely grey on the outside, and its really good to dispay both of these together. There is articulation everywhere except the waist as the legs are covered by a sort of dress, and they aren't even properly sculpted so overall they are both brilliant and have good paint. 10 out of 10 each. Thanks Alfie

Weeping Angel

I really like this figur e although I would of prefered it if it had come with a swapable head and hands because it's annoying that you have to buy 2 figures, but Toys'r'us are currently selling all old figures for £2.99 so its not so bad, anyway articulation is good, detail is really good and the wings are a really good accessory, I give this figure 9/10 Thanks The Last Dalek

Weeping/Screaming Angels

Weeping Angel Weeping Angel

The Weeping Angel figure is very highly detailed, like a lot of other figures Character Options have previously made. When it was confirmed, I actually thought that this was one of the Series Three figures with the interchangeable heads. I was quite upset when I discovered it wasn't! :( But that is the only fault with it. Other than that, its absolutely great. "Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you could believe. Don't turn your back, don't look away, and don't blink. Good luck!"

Weeping Angel - Thanks a64

I love the articulation of the arms on this figure. It does actually look like the Weeping Angel Statues when it is put in a pose. I put it in a position where it was attacking the TARDIS and it really looked like the scene had came to life. Since I got the figure, I have grown attached to the little thing. Overall, for the faults and the good parts, I would give this figure - drumroll please...a 9/10 rating! Thanks Dean

Weeping Angel Weeping Angel side view Weeping Angel with detacheable wings

To go with the figure Weeping Angel there is a Screaming Angel. This figure is from episode 10 of Series 3 called 'Blink' (2007). The figure has great arm articulation and you can fix the arms to your own scary position. The angel has long teeth and talons. It is the perfect figure for collectors and fans as it goes well alongside the Weeping Angel figure. It is found in the usual Series 3 packaging but is entitled Screaming rather than Weeping Angel. In my opinion, this is a really good figure; I hope you will agree. Thanks Lewis

"Don't turn your back, don't look away and don't blink, good luck!" Words by the Doctor and he meant what he said. The Screaming Angel is a brilliant figure. It can go into different poses that are wet your pants scary. The figure is a good addition to anyone's Doctor Who collection - a must buy. It is quite hard to get but I got mine from Argos. The figure is a 9/10, and remember, don't blink! Thanks Cobi

SCREAMING ANGEL: The screaming angel figure is a brilliant figure to play with and its articulation is just great when you look at past figures from CO (Character Options). There isn't much articulation in them, but the detail of the screaming angel is just brilliant. This is a must have for any Doctor Who figure collector because the sculpt actualy looks like the real thing! You can move the head of the figure all the way around and the hands too. Thanks Kieran



A-wooooooooooooo! as the mighty wolf-man howls. The Werewolf as seen in Tooth and Claw (2006) is an alien based on a real creature, who is rarely seen. It was actually a lupine-wavelength haemovarioform who lives in a host, raised by monks and used to bight Queen Victoria (who was not amused); the Royal Family are werewolves! Wonder how they are restrained during the full moon... This action figure is much taller than the others and has great articulation. His paws and limbs can be moved back and fowards as much as you like!

This toy is very scary and realistic, it has wolf-like paws and head, but the rest of it is more man-shaped. This figure is hard to stand up so it is best for it to stand on all fours; actually that is not such a bad idea - good for the display! This action figure has yellow claws on both hands and feet. The Werewolf is quite a large figure, but considering on the actual television show the creature was so large compared to the Doctor and company, this figure is accurate in scale. This Series Two action figure is a good toy which I would reccommend you get if you don't have one. This toy is muscly, bold and it looks quite realistic; all it needs now is a darker shade to it and a bit more fur! Thanks Alfie

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