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Sarah Jane Smith Action Figure

Welcome to
Sarah Jane Adventures

Sarah Jane Smith & K-9

Electronic Sonic Lipstick Sonic Lipstick

The Sarah Jane Adventures

Elisabeth Sladen 1 February 1948 – 19 April 2011

New! Sarah Jane Smith Action Figures Gallery

Sarah Jane Adventures Available now three new SJS twin packs featuring Sarah Jane in brown waistcoat, in red smock dress and in white coat with handbag, all with brown knee length boots. Each figure comes with a different creature; a pot-bellied Slitheen child, a red coated Kudlak and a reptile-like Graske dressed entirely in black.

The Sarah Jane Adventures


The Sarah Jane Adventures is a spin-off programme from the Doctor Who Series. Sarah Jane Smith was originally the Third Doctor's (Jon Pertwee) companion first seen in The Time Warrior (1973). Sarah Jane's most recent appearance in Doctor Who was in School Reunion (2006) alongside Rose and Mickey.

Sarah Jane Smith, on screen played by Elisabeth Sladen, is an investigative reporter as well as the Doctor's companion who conducts her undercover operations from her home in the London borough of Ealing. To assist in her alien investigations she is equipped with a Sonic Lipstick and Alien Scanner device.

In 2007 Character Options were awarded the master licence by the BBC to produce Sarah Jane Adventures toys including Sarah Jane playsets and action figures. Keep following for more news on Sarah Jane toys and figures.

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SJA Reviews

Sarah Jane Smith & Star Poet

This is a fascinating set. It features characters from Invasion of the Bane (2006). Sarah Jane Smith is in a yellow and black striped dress, and a pink cardigan with brown tights and boots. It is a great Sarah Jane figure for the first release. There will be more releases including a School Reunion Sarah Jane and K9. This is a terriffic figure, well articulated and fun to play with.

The Star Poet action figure is an interesting, pretty and altogether amazing action figure. It was seen in Invasion of the Bane (2006) and comes from Archatine 5. One of its species was seen in Torchwood, Greeks Bearing Gifts, 2006 when it possessed Mary, and had a mind-reading pendant.

The Star Poet action figure has some very soft butterfly wings attached. One wing for each arm, and one coming out of her 'behind'. It has many small blue tentacles, as hair and back hairs. The figure is pink and well shaped. It can be attached to a stand, which has a button you can press to make the stand shine a red light on the figure, making it even more amazing. Of course, the Star Poet looked its best in the programme but the action figure still looks very good. The stand has a Sarah Jane Adventures (SJA) logo on it. The figure is well articulated and fun to play with. Thanks Alfie

Sarah Jane Smith and Child Slitheen

This action figure set is an amazing figure set for The Sarah Jane Adventures figure range. It features The Sarah Jane Smith action figure in a red dress, and for some reason it also, like every other SJA set features an amazing alien communicator accessory. The Sarah Jane Smith in this set is a well detailed, great articulated action figure. She wears a red dress, blue jeans and a white shirt and brown boots, which comes together with a head and hands to make an amazing action figure of Sarah Jane Smith. This set includes the child slitheen which in my opinion is not a baby but a child. The Child Slitheen goes great with any Doctor Who Slitheen adult action figure and is well articulated and fun to play with. This action figure is small, and when you see the baby slitheen look up at you your'e all like "aaahhh". The Baby slitheen has small claws though, and a big stomach and neck device and 2 legs with claws stuck together. Overall both of these action figures are very fun to play with and they are nicely detailed. Thanks Alfie

Sarah Jane and Graske

The Sarah Jane and Graske action figure set features Sarah Jane Smith and a graske with gun and alien communicator accessories. The Sarah Jane in this set has blue jeans and a white shirt and this is an action figure of a Sarah Jane that works in her attic on techonolgy and stuff. This is a well articulated action figure and fun to play with. There is also a Graske in this set. The graske figure is a great action figure of the graske from the arah Jane Adventures 'Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?' and the Doctor Who short 15 minute tv special game Attack of the Graske which unfortunately doesnt seem to be on the season two boxset. The graske action figure has a gun which is not highly detailed, although accessories don't usually get the details figures do, but they are great things to have with action figures. The graske action figure dresses like a messy ninja and has a lizard like yellow head with very long ears. Overall these great action figures are very detailed and fun to play with! Thanks Alfie

Sarah Jane and General Kudlak

This is my favourite Sarah Jane Adventures action figure set ever. The Sarah Jane in it is just like the one with red dress except she is wearing a white coat and comes with a handbag accesory! This amazing action figure is highly detailed and well articulated. Just as good, is the red coated General Kudlak that comes with it. He is highly detailed and has a bug like face! He is an amazing action figure and well articlated and fun to play with. Overall this set is absolutely amazing and features the best action figures in The Sarah Jane Adventures figures history! Thanks Alfie

Alien Communicator

This toy comes with a notepad with the Sarah Jane Adventures theme song images and a pen with invisible ink that can be revealed under a blue light which comes from the alien commmunicator when you hold down buttons 8 or 9. If you quickly press one of these buttons it says 'Non viable audio sequence, viable audio sequence, source blocked, translation, no translation possible; I think it says 'source open' as well.

The buttons 0 to 3 can say an alien phrase and translate them after a brief beeping noise. The Alien Communicator does the same with buttons 4 to 7, but the alien language is said after the english language. This amazing toy is also available as an accessory in the Sarah Jane and Star Poet set.

Sarah helped the Poet back to her world Archatine 5, and the Star Poet gave her the Alien Communicator to call her if she ever needed help with poetry. It was used by Luke to defeat the Bane and their mother by calling the Bane. Its signals hugely disturbed the Bane Mother in Invasion of the Bane (2006).

This is a highly detailed toy, with several plastic shapes on it, one lights up red, the other, blue and makes a loud beeping sound - this reveals the invisible ink. There is a massive plastic piece on it and it can light up red. This is a very interesting toy and makes sounds and lights. Although the sounds are not relavent to the actual programme. The alien languages come all come in squeaky voices apart from a screeching sound which translates as "It was an accident we did not realise the damage we would cause", an ordinary deep voice which translates as " In the skies above we wait, we see all" and a deep voice which translates as "Obey me or see your planet doomed". There is a squeaky scream that translates as "Help us please". Other squeaky voices say things which translate as "We are peaceful, we seek knowledge" and "Time is running out, we need an answer."

Overall, this is an excellent toy from Character Options, and great fun to play with. Thanks Alfie

Sonic Lipstick and Wristwatch Scanner

These items have been used by sarah Jane Smith many times. The sonic lipstick is one of the many sonic screwdriver variations in the Doctor Who universe, others are the 2nd and 4th doctor's ones, a Laser Spanner, the Torchwood scanner as seen in Torchwood and many more.

This very good toy looks like an ordinary lipstick in a gold case but when you twist the bottom level out comes a silver tube with a pink light on top which will light up when you press a button. This also comes with a wristwatch scanner. This wrist watch scanner is like an ordinary wrist watch, although it does not tell the time, you can open it to see all sorts of scanners. This wrist watch has many holes in it, so you can fit it around your wrist to several different sizes.

This very enjoyable toy is fun to play with. The Sonic Lipstick is brilliant to play with, and a good collectible for any Doctor Who, Torchwood or the Sarah Jane Adventures fan, a fun toy to light up and play with. It can make sounds, a beeping sound if you hold the button down, and if you press it quickly, it makes a small beep sound, quickly. Overall this is an amazing toy and fun to play with. Thanks Alfie

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