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2007 News Archive

Latest Breaking Doctor Who Toy News

2008 Archive Doctor Who Toy News

2007 News from the Doctor Who Toy Universe Archive...

Sycorax Warrior
  • Sycorax Warrior
    20 December 2007

    Series 1 Sycorax Warrior with Sword accessory
    Image courtesy of Mr Fusion
    Thanks Judoon Sergeant

Micro-Universe 7 Figure Packs

Screaming Angel, Sycorax Warrior with Sword, Novice Hame as Sister of Plenitude and The Editor
  • Figures Snapped
    18 December 2007
    Screaming Angel, Sycorax Warrior with Sword, Novice Hame as Sister of Plenitude and The Editor seen behind the counter of a well known store in The Strand, London
    Thanks Jamie "the best I could get"
  • Voice Interactive Daleks
    17 December 2007
    18" Scale black Voice Interactive Dalek Sec 'discovered' on ebay
    Thanks Trev
  • New Figures
    11 December 2007
    Series 2 Novice Hame as Sister of Plenitude (dressed in white). Series 2 Sarah Jane Smith & K9
    Thanks Judoon Sergeant
  • Series 2 Doctor Backing Card

  • New Figures
    9 December 2007
    Surprise! New figures show up on ebay first. Series 2 Doctor with Ghost Transmission Triangulation Gear as seen in Army of Ghosts and a new variation Scarecrow. Also new for 2008 a new sculpt Series 1 Sycorax Warrior with sword accessory, a new 5" Series 2 Rose with Ice Gun (The Girl in the Fireplace) and assorted figures with glow in the dark body parts!
    Thanks Judoon Sergeant & Ian
  • Series 2 Doctor with Ghost Transmission Triangulation Gear Scarecrow Version Three (blue)

  • New 12 Inch Gallery Thanks Hoosier Whovian

  • Micro Universe Spacecraft
    3 December 2007
    Doctor Who Micro Universe Spacecraft and Figures
    Read More Micro Universe
  • Captain Jack's Chula Ship with Captain Jack Harkness Figure

  • New Figures
    25 November 2007
    New 5" figure releases; Bronze Dirty Dalek, 9th Doctor in Green Shirt, The Editor and Series 3 Dalek (bronze/gold livery identical to revised Dalek Caan in the Genesis Ark and Daleks set). Also available now a single carded The Doctor figure in long coat and red plimsoles with sonic screwdriver accessory. This Doctor was previously found only in the Daleks in Manhattan Set and Flight Control Tardis & Figures
    Thanks Jacob

  • Doctor Who - Micro Universe
    22 November 2007
    Due for release in February 2007 a new range of 35mm scale 'highly detailed collectable miniatures'. Doctor Who Micro Universe Read More Thanks Mister B & Mike
  • Doctor Who Micro Universe

  • Genetic Print Dalek
    14 November 2007
    Demonstrating the new Series 1 Genetic Print Dalek. The Dalek's print fades when placed near a heat source Thanks Hoosier Whovian
  • Genetic Print Dalek Genetic Print Dalek Cardback Detail
    Genetic Print Dalek Genetic Print Dalek With Colour Change Handprint

  • Evolution of the Daleks
    10 November 2007
    A new 12" boxed figure set the Evolution of the Daleks features The Doctor (red plimsoles not white as before), Dalek Sec Hybrid and Dalek Thay (Damaged Rear Panels) Thanks Clarke
  • Evolution of the Daleks Evolution of the Daleks 12 inch boxed set

  • New Genesis Ark Daleks
    6 November 2007

  • A new version of the Genesis Ark and Daleks boxed set. Originally found with blank eyepieces, then with blue eyepieces, the new version has Daleks Jast, Caan and Thay revised from their former single bright gold colour to an updated bronze/gold livery. This is the same colour combination found on, for example, Damaged Dalek Thay or Dalek Thay from the Army of Ghosts Set Thanks Jacob
    Genesis Ark Daleks (bronze/gold) Dalek Caan (bronze/gold) from the Genesis Ark and Daleks Set

  • New Photos
    5 November 2007

  • Laszlo, Weeping Angel & Sarah Jane Smith Figures in the Gallery now Thanks Ian

  • The Sarah Jane Adventures
    2 November 2007

  • A brand new page for Sarah Jane toys including the Sarah Jane Smith & Star Poet 5" Deluxe Figure Set

  • New Figures
    1 November 2007

  • A new 5" figure boxed set 'Voyage of the Damned' due for release around February 2008. The Voyage of the Damned should include a new Doctor figure and an Astrid (Kylie Minogue in the 2007 Xmas special). The Astrid Peth figure will also be released as a 12" figure Thanks Mister B

  • The 9th Doctor
    28 October 2007
    Series 1 The 9th Doctor figure. The new carded Series 1 (2007) 9th Doctor in burgundy shirt previously only found in the Dalek Battle Pack and Woolworths 6 Figure Pack (2006). This is a new figure with improved articulation in the leg and knee joints Thanks Ian
  • Series 1 9th Doctor figure (burgundy shirt)

  • Clockwork Man
    28 October 2007 - Update Here
    Interesting pics sent in by Andrew of a two tone grey/black Series 2 Clockwork Man. Is this dust or a manufacturing paint error? If anyone else has encountered this please email
    Request: A good picture of the darker blue Clockwork Man needed (from the Series 2 10 Figure Set). If anyone can do a comparison shot with the lighter blue version that would be great too!
    Thanks Andrew M
  • Clockwork man Clockwork Man

  • Scarecrow Beige & Screaming Angel
    25 October 2007
    News of two new 5" figure releases. The long anticipated Series 3 Screaming Angel to go with the Weeping Angel. Plus a surprise Beige Scarecrow variation. Thanks Chris, also Jacob and Barney
  • Scarecrow Beige Screaming Angel

  • Genetic Print Dalek
    23 October 2007 Update
    New Series 1 Genetic Print Dalek With Colour Change Handprint. The red print on the top of the Genetic Print Dalek's casing is heat sensitive; the print fades when you put your finger over it and reappears when the heat source is removed. In the Series One episode Dalek (2005) Rose Tyler places her hand on an enchained Dalek which quickly assimilates her genetic imprint and restores its Dalekanium casing. Thanks Rich and Jacob
  • Genetic Print Dalek With Colour Change Handprint Series 1 Action Figure

  • New 5" Checklist
    15 October 2007

New Figures

5 October 2007

The Master Series 3 Professor Yana The Doctor in SS Pentallion Space Suit Laszlo Weeping Angel Grey Auton

The Latest Wave of Figure Releases

Brand new The Master, Professor Yana, The Doctor in SS Pentallion Space Suit, Laszlo, Weeping Angel and Grey Auton. Also expected soon are an updated Series 3 Captain Jack and Series 1 The 9th Doctor and Genetic Print Dalek.

Plus, the Utopia With Professor Yana Gift Set, a new 5" figure set featuring a different version of The Master (in the Professor's waistcoat), Professor Yana, The Doctor (in trenchcoat and white plimsoles) and Martha Jones ('glossy' version) Thanks Ian, Matthew and Mike

Professor Yana, The Doctor, Martha Jones & The Master Utopia With Professor Yana Gift Set

  • Sycorax Leader Series 1
    1 October 2007
    New Release - the Sycorax Leader 5" figure is now rereleased in the UK branded Series 1
  • Newbury Comics Exclusive
    28 September 2007
    New Release - the UK Series Two 6 Figure Pack is now available in the US as a 300 piece limited edition 'Newbury Comics Exclusive Action Figure Gift Pack'. The set features Doctor with 3D Glasses, Ood Worker, Blue Clockwork Man, Rusty K9 (pull-back motion), Grey Krillitane and Damaged Cyberman.
    Thanks Karl

Newbury Comics Doctor Who 6 Figure Gift Pack

Martha Jones

24 September 2007

Martha Jones Series 3 Version 1 and 2

Martha Jones gets a makeover

The new 5" Martha Jones variant is the same sculpt as the original version, but is now repainted with improved colouring and a glossy finish for Martha's red leather jacket. The new Martha can be found in the Series Three 6 Figure Gift Pack and Series Three 10 Figure Gift Set Thanks Karl

Martha Jones (Version 1) Martha Jones (Version 2 with glossy red jacket)

The Two Judoons

21 September 2007

Series 3 Judoon Captain and Judoon Captain (grey)

Introducing a brand new Judoon Captain variation

First 'catalogued' in the United States, the grey Judoon Captain. Judoon Captain (grey) can be found in the Series 3 Ten Figure Gift Set Thanks Karl aka Hoosier Whovian

Judoon Captain Judoon Captain (Grey)

  • New Releases
    11 September 2007
    Featured on the Figures page two new releases; Flight Control Tardis & Figures and Sanctuary Base Set

  • Flight Control Tardis & Figures Sanctuary Base Set

  • Customs & Bootlegs
    6 September 2007
    The bootleg Doctor Who Helicopter is featured on the brand new Customs & Bootlegs page

  • Doctor Who Helicopter bootleg Bootleg Doctor Who Helicopter

  • Army of Ghosts Figure Set
    24 August 2007
    The long awaited Army of Ghosts Figure Set includes the Genesis Ark, Destroyed Cyberman, Mickey Smith with Void Transport Device and Dalek Thay. The Destroyed Cyberman is the same figure as the limited edition SDCC 'Damaged Dalek'. Mickey Smith's Void Transport Device can be found either as a removable accessory or as part of the figure. Dalek Thay is an 'undamaged' Bronze/Gold version of the Gold figure included in the Genesis Ark Set, making this a new figure
  • Dalek Thay, Destroyed Cyberman, Mickey Smith with Void Transporter Device and Genesis Ark Army of Ghosts Figure Set

  • Customs & Bootlegs
    24 August 2007
    Rise of the Cybermen bootleg (2007) and the bootleg Doctor Who Car are featured on the brand new Customs & Bootlegs page

  • Rise of the Cybermen bootleg Doctor Who Car bootleg

Get Ahead! Get a Hat!

Character Options display new Autumn headwear collection.

Following the outrageous success of last years Cyberman Voice Changer Helmet, Character Options have revealed two new updated versions in time for Xmas 2007.

Dalek Sec Hybrid Voice Changer Mask Judoon Trooper Sound FX Helmet Judoon Trooper Sound FX Helmet

Choose between the Dalek Sec Hybrid Voice Changer Mask and the Judoon Trooper Sound FX Helmet

Six Packs Out

Character Options reveal their Six Packs!

One US exclusive and three new UK Series One, Series Two and Series Three 6 Figure Gift Packs are available now. The Damaged Cyberman makes its UK debut in the Series Two pack.

  • 6 Figure Gift Pack
    Only available in the US, an Underground Toys 5" scale figure pack featuring Cassandra ('clean' version) and Robot Spiders, K-9 (non-rusty), Dalek Sec, The Doctor in long coat, Rose Tyler (New Earth version) and Moxx of Balhoon (lighter blue version)
  • US Underground Toys 6 Figure Gift Pack

  • 6 Figure Gift Pack
    Series 1 pack includes exclusive Auton figure in grey suit, Gelth Zombie, Space Pig, Slitheen, Empty Child and The Doctor (Regeneration set version)
  • Series One 6 Figure Gift Pack Auton in grey suit

  • 6 Figure Gift Pack
    Series 2 pack includes Ood, The Doctor (in 3D glasses), K-9, Clockwork Man (blue), Damaged Cyberman and Grey Krillitane (mouth closed)
  • Series Two 6 Figure Gift Pack

  • 6 Figure Gift Pack
    Series 3 pack includes The Doctor, Martha Jones, Dalek Thay, Judoon Trooper, Lilith and Scarecrow
  • Series Three 6 Figure Gift Pack

Classic 5" Figures

Character Group to produce classic Doctor Who Figures!

In a statement to the London Stock Exchange on August 2nd Character Options reveal the launch of an all new range of "classic" Doctor Who figures.

The new classic 5" figure range will feature past Doctors as well as a number of monsters from previous Doctor Who Series.

Character Group joint MD Jon Diver says "The resounding success of the Doctor Who TV series is made up of both new and existing Doctor Who fans. We have reacted to public demand and will be producing a range which greatly enhances the depth and quality of our existing line".

The following classic Doctor Who figures will be available in Spring 2008

  • The 4th Doctor
    Revenge of the Cybermen
  • The 5th Doctor
    Ressurrection of the Daleks
  • The 6th Doctor
    Attack of the Cybermen
  • Sea-Devil
    The Sea Devils
  • Zygon
    Terror of the Zygons
  • Voc & Super Voc Robot Twin Pack
    The Robots of Death
  • Greel & Mr Sin
    The Talons of Weng-Chiang

Daleks in Manhattan

The first photos of the all new Daleks in Manhattan Set!

The long-awaited Daleks in Manhattan Set is revealed today in amazing new camera phone pictures.

Daleks in Manhattan Set

The 5" Daleks in Manhattan Set will contain a Pig Guard, Dalek sec Hybrid, Damaged Dalek Thay and The Doctor.

The Doctor is a brand new figure. The Daleks in Manhattan Set Doctor is in blue suit, red plimsoles and brown overcoat with a Sonic Screwdriver accessory. Thanks to "N" for photos and story

'New' Dalek Discovery

Brand new Dalek figure variation discovered!

Series 3 continues to amaze as doctorwhotoys flags up a major new packaging change.

Series 3A Damaged Dalek Thay & Series 3B Dalek Thay

In a shock reversal the five inch Damaged Dalek Thay has been changed to simply Dalek Thay. Another surprising change is to the Thay photo on the front of the carded figure packaging.

It remains to be seen which version will prove to be the rarer. The Series 3A Damaged Dalek Thay or the Series 3B Dalek Thay. Thanks Ian for photos and story

Dodgy Doctor Shocker

Exclusive! doctorwhotoys exposes scam 12 inch
The Doctor figures circulating on auction website.

Watch out! The Doctor has not regenerated! Check this photo to compare the official Character Options David Tennant 'The Doctor' 12 inch figure with the bootleg Doctor being hawked on a large auction website.

The Doctor and bootleg Doctor

A poor copy! The real 12 inch The Doctor figure comes with a Sonic Screwdriver accessory as opposed to the torch which comes with the bootleg. The fake action figure itself lacks the detail of the official Character Options sculpt and the skin tones are darker. The dodgy Doctor's suit is a poor replica of the original with a different cut and fabric. His tie is missing, replaced by a checked shirt. Also, the real Doctor doesn't wear flares.

The origins of the bootleg Doctor are unknown. The real The Doctor action figure has the official Character Options holographic logo to look out for.

Anyone collecting the genuine figures should stear well clear of this one. On the other hand, its just possible that one day the Dodgy Doctor may be as collectable as the real one! Thanks Ian for photos and story

  • Daleks in Manhattan Revealed
    15 July 2007
    The 5" Daleks in Manhattan Set will include Dalek Sec Human Hybrid, Damaged Dalek Thay, a Pig Guard and The Doctor. The Doctor figure will be a brand new Doctor in blue suit with red plimsoles and...brown coat!
  • US Exclusive Box Sets
    14 July 2007
    Underground Toys are making two brand new US exclusive box sets of figures available. The US exclusive Six Figure Set includes The Doctor in Overcoat, New Earth Rose, Dalek Sec, K-9, Moxx of Balhoon (light blue) and Cassandra and comes with Robot Spiders. A US Ten Figure Giftset will also be available soon
  • New Doctor Who Toys Confirmed
    12 July 2007
    Coming soon to doctorwhotoys; 5" Flight Control Tardis (Electronic); 5" Daleks in Manhattan Set; 5" The Reaper (Electronic) Deluxe Figure; 18" Voice Interactive Dalek Sec; Dalek Sec Hybrid Voice FX Mask
  • Five New US Figures Released
    10th July 2007
    9th Doctor, Moxx of Balhoon, Cassandra, Sycorax and Doctor in Blue Suit and Glasses released on exclusive US release cardbacks. Brand new photos coming very soon.
  • More New Figures Expected
    8th July 2007
    Following release of the Brannigan and Scarecrow pictures more new photos are coming very soon. Expect to see a brand new Series 2 version of Nurse Novice Hame plus brand new Toby, The Hoix and Grandma Connolly & The Wire.

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