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Character Options Doctors & Tardis - Thanks Ian
Dalek Sec - Thanks Ian

2008 News Archive

Latest Breaking Doctor Who Toy News

2007 Archive Doctor Who Toy News

2008 News from the Doctor Who Toy Universe Archive...

  • We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  • Welcome to Planet Xmas Click to View Thanks Cameron
  • Doctor Who & Captain James T. Kirk Together! Bored? Watch It Now
    Thanks Rick
  • USS Enterprise & Tardis
  • A Cyber Christmas Carol Click to View Thanks Cameron
  • CyberWave Part 2 Hoosier's Blog #6 Click to Read
  • Rumour of the Day Read It Now 16th December Update
  • Old Doctor
  • Kylie Minogue Exclusive Astrid Peth figure Click Here
  • Astrid Peth without apron from the Companions Set Astrid Peth with apron from the Voyage of the Damned Set; the Astrid Peth figure in the Companions Set has no apron
  • The Doctor with 5 Adipose M & S Exclusive Packaging - Thanks Neil
  • Marks and Spencer Doctor With 5 Adipose
  • "Woolworths Owe Character £1 Million" Allege city sources; battle looms to recover stock & cash Read Full Story
  • Postcards From... The Fourth Doctor - Thanks Paul HM
  • "Doctor Who Range Continues To Do Well" "Further product" on the way states Character Group Chairman Richard King Read Full Story
  • Toy Fair 2009 Character Options will be exhibiting forthcoming Doctor Who product lines at the London Toy Fair (28th-30th January). Trade magazine ToyNews reports 2009 lines will include “Collect and Build figures, Time Squad collectible figures, further Classic Figures and the Doctor’s Book of Impossible Things" The Journal of Impossible Things will come with a mini sonic screwdriver. Other new products to look out for, as previously revealed by ToyNews, will include Captain Jack’s Temporal Manipulator. A greater emphasis will be placed on releasing products in the first half of 2009 with new products also released to coincide with the four Doctor Who specials - Thanks Neil
  • Future Sonic Screwdriver Coming Soon River Song's Sonic Screwdriver
  • Character Options Future Sonic Screwdriver
  • The Overworked Toy Factory Inside Character's busy toy factory in the run up to Xmas 2008 Click to Watch it Now (Video loads after several seconds) - Thanks Penny Mix Films
  • Time Squad Character set to launch Time Squad mini figures
    Character will launch their incredible new range of Time Squad articulated miniature figures in the first half of 2009. Time Squad figures will be available in blister packs of 2 and 5 and may include a range of spaceships - Thanks Matt
  • Character Options Doctor Who Time Squad
  • Old Doctor and Korwin Figures Rumour of the Day
  • Old Doctor Korwin
  • The Last of The Time Lords Thanks Hoosier Whovian
  • Dapol & Character Time Lords
  • Professor River Song Carded Figure Thanks Nick
  • River Song Professor River Song
  • Hath Peck Carded Figure Thanks doctorwhostockist11
  • Hath Peck Hath Peck
  • Vashta Nerada Suit Creature Carded Figure Thanks Chris
  • Vashta Nerada Vashta Nerada Suit Creature
  • Time Lord Carded Figure Thanks Nick
  • Time Lord Time Lord
  • Penny Mix Films Present Doctor Who Christmas Through Time Watch Video Now Thanks Penny Mix
  • Screenshots from Christmas Through Time a Penny Mix Films Production
  • Happy 45th Birthday Doctor Who Hoosier Whovian's Blog
  • Happy Birthday Doctor Who
  • Sonic Screwdriver Custom Metallized Version
  • Steven's Custom Cyber Controller Bust
  • Brand New "Custom" Carded Figures Thanks Steven
  • Dalek Caan Scarred by Time War Donna Noble With Time Lord Consciousness The Fourth Doctor
  • The exclusive 10 part series 'The Making of Doctor Who Action Figures' Starts Here Thanks Ed
  • SciFiCollector's Torchwood Figures New Packaging Images
    Each retailer assortment case comprises 24 pieces as follows - 8 Captain Jack, 8 Weevils, 6 Gwen & 2 Cyberwoman - Thanks Matt
  • Character Group Trading Update Read Full Story
  • Fifth Doctor Exits Flight Control Tardis Watch Video Now Thanks Eugene
  • Rose, Doctor & Martha Custom Figures Thanks Jsebold87
  • Work in Progress Doctor Who Toy History Thanks Ian
  • New 5" Figures Hath Peck River Song Vashta Nerada Time Lord
  • Farewell to the Tardis Playset? Tardis Playsets Compared - Thanks Hoosier Whovian
  • Character Group to make Military Action Figures for 2009 Read More
  • The Doctor Regenerates? 10th Doctors Compared

Vespiform BAF As reported already on several American websites, Underground Toys have revealed that a forthcoming Series 4 wave will feature a bonus Vespiform Build A Figure collectors incentive with parts as follows...

  • Vashta Nerada + transparent base
  • River Song + right chest with legs
  • Hath Peck + wing
  • Sontaran General + wing
  • Sontaran Commander + upper abdomen with 2 legs
  • Supreme Dalek + head
  • Davros + upper chest
  • Pyrovile Priestess + left chest
  • Donna Noble + middle abdomen
  • 25 pcs Adipose + stinger
  • Natural Ood + transparent stand
  • Sigma Ood + lower abdomen

The exact parts may be subject to change. According to US retailers this wave should be out in January or February 2009 - Thanks Matt

Fires of Pompeii Set
  • Penny Mix Films Present Bowhovian Rhapsody Thanks Paul
  • Doctor Who Music of the Spheres 2008 Thanks Hoosier Whovian
  • Character Group Trading Update
  • Hoosier Whovian's Exclusive SDCC Fifth Doctor
  • Barney's Donna Noble, Sontaran Trooper & Natural Ood
  • Back to School/Work Wish Lists
  • Postcards from... Scotland Thanks Henry

  • Doctor in Longcoat Returns from Holiday
  • Pig Man Meets Peppa Pig
  • Series 4 Figures Carded Wave 1 2008
  • Interview with Sonic Screwdriver Creator Victor Pemberton
  • Making Doctor Who Action Figures Part 7: Approval Thanks Ed
  • Doctor Who Action Figures The Story So Far
  • Dalek at Silverstone
  • Doctor Who Wins the British Grand Prix
  • Postcards From Formula 1
  • A Look back at Dapol Doctor Who Toys and Dapol Figures
    Thanks Ian O', Robert & Alfie
  • Q & A with K-9 Creator Bob Baker Thanks Bob & Laurie
  • New Blowfish Pics & Torchwood Wave 2 Figures
    Pictures Torchwood Action Figures Gallery
    News Torchwood Page
  • Here Come the Daleks Thanks Robert
  • The Return of Davros Thanks Robert
  • Time Crash Update & Pics US Page
  • Cameron Gets Ready To Save the Universe
  • Postcards From Doomsday Thanks Robert
  • Hoosier Whovian Presents Miss Kylie Minogue
  • Series 4 Big Pics
  • Power Rollers
    Mini Interview with Power Rollers Chief Ben Harper Thanks Ben
  • K9 & Puppies!
    K-9 Page Thanks Ian, Hoosier Whovian & CMJ
  • The Doctor and Dinosaurs Dinosaurs
  • 2008 SDCC Exclusives, Torchwood Figures & Latest Waves
    US Page Thanks Hoosier Whovian
  • Character's Dalek Special
  • SciFi Collector's Torchwood Captain Jack Figure
    Torchwood Action Figures
  • Barney's Series 1, 2 & 3 Images Thanks Barney
  • Magic Box Int Tardis Rollers Box & Checklist Power Rollers
  • The Doctor Goes Fishing
  • Postcards from The Doctor in... London
  • Character's Series 1, 2 & 3 2008 New Carded Images
  • Designworks Doctor Who Action Figures
    Part 2: All About Ed Part 3 Coming Soon - Thanks Ed
  • Part 1 Behind The Scenes at Designworks A major new series about every aspect of the making of Doctor Who Action Figures
    Part 1: Designworks Thanks Ed
  • Martha Jones with Open Toclafane Revised Packaging
  • New Airfix Dalek Encounter
  • Hoosier Whovian's
    Ghost Transmission Doctor
  • Cameron's
    The Companions
  • New Action Figures
    Series 1, 2 & 3 Assortment
    Available to Preorder at Forbidden Planet Now
    Gwen, Cyberwoman & Weevil
    New Torchwood Action Figures
  • Sonic Screwdriver and Sonic Pen Set plus Interactive Toclafane Sonic & Laser Screwdriver Set
    Visit the Sonics Page
  • Sonic Pen Set

  • Limited Edition Doctor Who Frubes
    Doctor Who Frubes
  • New Scarecrow Version 3 Blue/Black Tunic
  • Scarecrow Version 3 Scarecrow Version 3 Blue/Black Tunic Scarecrow Version 3 Scarecrow Version 3

    SCARECROW REMINDER: Respect Copyright - Don't Snatch Images!

    Doctor Who Action Figure Photos Copyright Hoosier Whovian Doctor Who Action Figure Photos Copyright Hoosier Whovian Doctor Who Action Figure Photos Copyright Hoosier Whovian Doctor Who Action Figure Photos Copyright Hoosier Whovian
    Character Options Message to the Toy Retailers Association & Boys Collectable Toy of the Year 2008 Rosette - Thanks Matt

    • The Cyberman 12"
      06 March 2008

      No. 8 in Hoosier's amazing series of 12" Figure Galleries Cyberman
      Coming Next ...The 12" Doctor
    • Torchwood
      5 March 2008
      ScifiCollector's new Weevil action figure will hopefully be on display for the first time ever at the 'Live' event at Wembley this 15th & 16th March, with Tom Baker making an appearance on the Saturday
      Evolution of the Daleks 12" Box Set Feature Obey the Daleks
    • Clive Banks
      4 March 2008
      First in a new series featuring Doctor Who toy collectors Read More
    • The Ood 12"
      03 March 2008

      No. 7 in Hoosier's amazing series of 12" Figure Galleries The Ood
      Look forward to ...The 12" Cyberman
    • Novice Hame 5"
      2 March 2008

      Novice Hame as Sister of Plenitude
    • Spacesuit Doctor 5"
      1 March 2008

      Doctor in Spacesuit with Smashed Visor
      My Classic Series Wish List Hoosier's Blog No 2
    • Mothers Day Gifts Part II...
      29 February 2008

      Destroyed Cassandra
    • Doctor Who Mothers Day Gift Ideas...
      28 February 2008

      Gelth Zombie featuring Glow-In-The-Dark Head and Hands
      Gelth Zombie

    Exclusive to 27 February 2008
    An Interview with John Barrowman!! Captain Jack Interview

    News Update
    26 February 2008

    • Wish List Mania...
      Updated 25 February 2008

      Doctor Who Action Figure Wish Lists
      New Torchwood Wish Lists
      New Classic Series Wish Lists
    • Cyber Leader
      22 February 2008

      No. 6 in Hoosier's amazing series of 12" Figure Galleries Cyber Leader
      Look forward to ...The 12" Ood
    • Glow-In-The-Dark Ood
      21 February 2008

      Get Behind the Sofa! Ood Glow-In-The-Dark
    • Doctor Who Minimates
      20 February 2008

      Unveiled at the New York Toy Fair this week brand new designs for a proposed range of Doctor Who Minimates. Designs shown included the 10th Doctor in both suit and longcoat, the 9th Doctor, Martha Jones, Jack Harkness and a Cyberman figure. The range is designed by ArtAsylum in conjunction with Underground and Diamond Select Toys. Existing lines include Spiderman, Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek Thanks Dalek Sec

    Exclusive to 17 February 2008
    Inside DesignWorks - Brian Doyle goes behind the scenes with Character Option's sculpt designers. Reproduced here with kind permission of Tomart Publications the full text of Tomart Action Figure Digest No 162 Read It Now

    Series 1 Wave 16 February 2008

    The Ninth Doctor with Auton Arm, Auton 'Mickey' Head and Anti Plastic Bomb The Ninth Doctor Series 1 Cardback

    Update on the Woolworths 'tweaked' wave Thanks Ian, Karl & Ryan

    • Captain Jack Harkness figure is identical to earlier releases with the addition of a Cap Accessory. This Jack figure has no improved articulation
    • Sycorax Leader is the same as the existing Series 1 figure but minus the Whip and Staff accessories
    • The Ninth Doctor is identical to the Series: 1 "neutral pose" Doctor (including burgundy shirt), but with the addition of Auton Arm, Auton Mickey Head (this is a NEW sculpt/paint finish NOT simply the head from the existing Series: 2 figure - the hair is sculpted to resemble the longer style and sideburns worn by Noel Clarke during Series: 1)
    • Gelth Zombie - identical to the established Series: 1 figure but the head and the hands are painted with Glow in the Dark paint
    • Slitheen - identical to the single Slitheen release from 2006
    • The Editor - same as existing figure
    Captain Jack Harkness with Cap Accessory Captain Jack Harkness with Cap Accessory Gelth Zombie with Glow-In-The-Dark Head and Hands

    'Tweaked' Wave 14 February 2008

    The latest 'tweaked' figures first seen on ebay are from a Woolworths exclusive 'buy one get one free' promotion. :-

    • The Tenth Doctor with Portable Wire Set
    • The Ninth Doctor with Auton Accessories (Auton Arm, Mickey’s Head and Anti-Plastic Bomb)
    • Slitheen
    • Rose with Ice Extinguisher
    • 10th Doctor in Sanctuary Base Spacesuit with Smashed Helmet
    • Ood featuring Glow-In-The-Dark Eyes and Translation Orb
    • Gelth Zombie featuring Glow-In-The-Dark Head and Hands
    • Destroyed Cassandra
    • Sycorax Leader

    Upcoming figures on general release include:-

    • The Ninth Doctor with Auton Accessories (Auton Arm, Mickey’s Head and Anti-Plastic Bomb)
    • Ood featuring Glow-In-The-Dark Eyes and Translation Orb
    • Destroyed Cassandra with Chip
    • 10th Doctor in Sanctuary Base Spacesuit with Smashed Helmet and two Satan Pit Plinths
    • Series 1 Captain Jack with Cap Accessory
    • Series 1 Gelth Zombie featuring Glow-In-The-Dark Head and Hands
    • Clockwork Man
      13 February 2008

      No. 5 in the new series of 12" Figure Galleries Clockwork Man
      Coming next ...Spacesuit Doctor
    • Novice Hame
      12 February 2008

      Today in a new series of 12" Figure Galleries Novice Hame
      Up next ...Clockwork Man

    Doctor Who Easter Eggs 11 February 2008

    Milk Chocolate Egg with TARDIS Puzzle Cube Milk Chocolate Egg with Ceramic Mug - Judoon Version

    New Figures 9 February 2008

    Toby Zed Possessed Toby

    Series 2 'Toby Zed Possessed' 2008 alongside 2007 'Toby' Thanks Kyle

    New Figures 7 February 2008

    Rose Tyler with Ice Extinguisher Ood with Glow in the Dark Eyes and Translation Orb Destroyed Cassandra

    Series 2 Rose Tyler with Ice Extinguisher, Ood with Glow in the Dark Eyes and Translation Orb, & Destroyed Cassandra

    The Tenth Doctor with Portable 'Wire' Set The Doctor in Spacesuit with Smashed Helmet Toby Zed Un-Possessed

    Series 2 Tenth Doctor with Portable 'Wire' Set, The Doctor in Spacesuit with Smashed Helmet, & Toby Zed Un-Possessed

    New From today read Hoosier Whovian's Toy Blog only on

    Sarah Jane Smith & Slitheen Baby Sarah Jane Smith & Graske Sarah Jane Smith & Kudlak

    Three new SJA twin packs - Sarah Jane Smith & Slitheen Baby, Sarah Jane Smith & Graske and Sarah Jane Smith & Kudlak SJA Page

    • Dalek Sec Hybrid
      6 February 2008

      Number 3 in a new series of 12" Figure Galleries Judoon Captain
      Up next ...Novice Hame
    • Doctor's Fob Watch
      4 February 2008

      Reviewed in words, pics & video by Jacob Fob Watch Review
    • Dalek Sec Hybrid
      3 February 2008

      Second in a new series of 12" Figure Galleries Dalek Sec Hybrid
      Up next ...Judoon Captain

    News Update
    2 February 2008

    Copyright, Secrecy and News

    A lot of the recent news about upcoming figures has come from an article in the latest edition of Tomart Action Figure Digest (No. 162 2008).

    The author visited the Designworks Windsor Ltd studios (the company that creates the sculpts for Character) and secured copyright for the publication of a number of images which either showed yet to be released figures or the outlines of blacked-out figures the identitiy of which could easily be guessed (including from the Series, Classic and Sarah Jane ranges). This site will not be showing these images which were secured by Tomart after much careful copyright negotiation on their part. But to be sure its a great issue, well worth the money and well worth supporting.

    A lot more of the recent news has originated from Toy Fair 2008 in London. Character Options has, as usual, a large stand here with an incredible display of soon to be released figures on show for the press and trade buyers. The new ranges are tremendously exciting and the official release dates well worth the wait.

    The good news is that 2008 is going to be an even bigger year for Doctor Who toys. Keep coming back for regular updates from, and thats 'official'.

    Doctor Who Air Freshener
    • Doctor Who Air Freshener
      30 January 2008

      The new range of Air Freshener dashboard figures includes K-9, a limited edition Dalek Sec, Cyberman head, Gold Dalek and TARDIS Thanks PENG & Hoosier Whovian

    Updated 27 January 2008
    Martha in combat gear and boots will be released as a Series 3 figure as seen in Last of the Time Lords (2007). Expect a single carded Astrid with life ring accessory, a single carded Host and the anticipated Series 1 Rose original version but in neutral (standing upright) pose. A Series 3 Captain Jack figure should be out next month and will feature Jack Harkness in long coat with hand gun accessory (look out for an additional Jack variation).

    Expect new versions of Cyberman with Mickey's gun accessory, Cassandra, The Doctor in suit, and a Series 2 The Doctor in Spacesuit with 'Beast Imprisonment Urns' (The Satan Pit, 2006). Also expected the wisened and aged Doctor from Series 3 Last of the Time Lords (2007). This un-regenerated Doctor figure will be half the standard 5" range size with an outsized head. The rumoured 'holographic' silver/black 9th Doctor will remain a prototype and is not for general release.

    In the Series 1 range expect a Slitheen skin suit disguise in maleable plastic as used by the Slitheen in Aliens of London, 2005.

    In the Classics range Doctors 4 through 8 will be revealed soon though there are no plans for their Companions. 10th Planet Cyberman and Zygon ready for release.

    Sarah Jane Adventures Coming soon three new SJS twin packs featuring Sarah Jane in brown waistcoat, in red smock dress and in white coat with handbag, all with brown knee length boots. Each figure comes with a different creature; a pot-bellied Slitheen child, a red coated Kudlak and a reptile-like Graske dressed entirely in black.

    Voyage of the Damned Set

    NEWS ROUNDUP...Updated 21 January 2008

    The Voyage of the Damned Set, due for release in March, will contain a 5" Kylie Astrid Peth figure, a new The Doctor figure in long coat with red plimsoles and glasses, two Host figures and a Titanic Life Ring accessory.


    Argos Catalogue Scarecrow with Red Tie Thanks a64

    The new Argos catalogue pictures a Scarecrow with red tie Thanks Kyle

    The Micro Universe range will get a playset for the figures and ships due around July 2008 Micro Universe

    The new Micro-Universe Tardis Collector Case with space inside for all 32 figures from Collection 1. The case has a detailed TARDIS exterior and carrying handle.

    Micro Universe Tardis Collector Case exterior with carrying handle Micro Universe Tardis Collector Case with space for all 32 figures from Collection 1

    New for 2008, The World of Doctor Who playset, featuring interchangeable background 'layers' from Series 1 and 2.

    The big Xmas 2008 toy is expected to be the Dalek Voice Changer Mask featuring light and sound FX and improved (louder) voice changer capability. The RRP will be £39.99.

    The Sonic Screwdriver will receive an upgrade to incorporate a working pen.

    This year the range of figure gift packs or sets is to be expanded. Two new gift packs will be released every quarter, each containing four figures from particular episodes.

    Series 4 figures will be released in redesigned, larger packaging. Each figure will feature an accessory.

    The RRP for the figures is set to rise by £1 from its current £6.99 to £7.99

    Series 4 figures should be out around June 2008. Look out for a Sontaran Gift Set, 12" Sontaran figure and a Murder Mystery Set out in June. Also a new Radio Controlled Davros S4 figure available in 5" and 12" formats.

    The Valiant Gift Set, featuring a Lucy Saxon figure, is also due out March 2008. The School Reunion set is now shelved and no longer planned for release.

    The new style plastic that was used in the manufacture of The Doctor in SS Pentallian Space Suit, The Master and Professor Yana figures will not be used again. The figures will all now go back to the original plastic. The Pentallian Doctor, The Master and Professor Yana are to be re-released in the new plastic. The only figure not to be remade with the old plastic is the Regeneration Master figure.

    The Doctor's Fob Watch is out now

    Fob Watch The Doctor's Fob Watch

    The Fobwatch, designed to hold Time Lord consciousness, features speech, light and sound effects and can also tell the time! Review Thanks Jacob

    The Sarah Jane Adventures line has, amongst other SJA toys, three twin figure packs coming soon SJS

    The Captain Jack Series 3 figure is still in the pipeline as are the Glow in the Dark and/or 9" Light-Up figure for possible July release. 2008 will see a new version of the Dalek Battle Pack

    The Classic Series figures first wave is now delayed till May 2008. Wave 1 of the Classics will include 4th Doctor Tom Baker, 5th Doctor Peter Davidson and 6th Doctor Colin Baker. Look out for a possible classic Special Weapons Dalek and Tenth Planet Cyberman. Also a 5" Evolution of the Daleks Collection introducing some of the different Daleks seen over the Classic years, and a Season 12 Gift set (1974-75) Classics

    The first wave of Torchwood action figures from Getretro/Scificollector will feature Captain Jack, Gwen, Cyberwoman and Weevil Torchwood

    The first of a series of new Airfix Doctor Who kits is now out. The first kit features the TARDIS, Doctor and Martha. Future sets will include Dalek Encounter and Astrid.

    Airfix Doctor, Martha and TARDIS Kit

    Airfix Martha Jones and The Doctor Models Airfix Doctor Who Kit

    Wesco Limited will be expanding their Doctor Who line to include a Judoon Scanner Torch and a new range of digital Whizz Watches. The Dalek Whizz Watch has a mini Dalek Sec figure which unclips and can be controlled from the digital watch via an infra-red beam.

    Wesco Dalek Whizz Watch

    Available in February Doctor Who Car Air Fresheners. These are 2-3 inches tall, contain scented beads and sit on your dashboard where they spin once affixed. Choose from The Tardis, Gold Dalek, Black Dalek, Cyberman and K9.

    And Finally...

    The first Doctor Who Easter Eggs have been spotted including a Judoon mug with chocolate egg and a TARDIS flexible cube.

    Series 1 & 2 2008 Assortment
    • Series1 & 2 Assortment
      8 January 2008

      Series 2 Doctor with Ghost Transmission Triangulation Gear as seen in Army of Ghosts, Novice Hame as Sister of Plenitude, Series 1 Sycorax Warrior, The Doctor (Regeneration Set version), Series 2 Sarah Jane Smith & (clean) K-9, and Series 1 Simon Pegg as The Editor and Moxx of Balhoon re-release

    2007 Doctor Who Toy News Archive

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